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Here Is Everything We Learned About Millennials This Week

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Millennials prefer to shop at malls.

Millennials drink wine.

Millennials will never be able to retire.

Millennials like expensive engagement rings.

Millennials do not believe wedding dresses have to be white.

Millennials love coupons.

Millennials want public transportation.

Millennials will unlock the housing market.

Millennials cannot afford to buy houses.

Millennials “write their own narrative.”

Millennials come in many different ethnicities.

Millennials do not trust advertising.

Millennials would rather have jobs they love than jobs that pay money.

Millennials are too insecure for role models.

Millennials are not too insecure for role models.

Millennials might not be narcissists.

Millennials enjoy running marathons.

Millennials watch videos on the Internet.