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Meet the Girl Who’s Going on 100 Dates This Summer

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Like most great ideas, it was drunken nights with girlfriends that inspired San Francisco-based Elise Moreno’s decision to commit to going on 100 dates this summer. The major inspiration for the 100 Dates project was Elise’s realization that she had never been single in her adult life. So, instead of just committing to being single for a period of time, she decided to hit the dating scene with what may seem like an ambitious mission.

For those who struggle to get one date here and there, 100 dates definitely seems a bit extreme. But Elise wanted to ensure she gave herself a lofty enough goal to break her exhausting back-to-back boyfriend pattern. After the first number of dates, which she mostly sets up on OkCupid, she realized each experience would bring different adventures, personal lessons, and for some, a hell of a story for her girlfriends. So Elise chose to document her 100 dates on Tumbr. Complete with a photo diary of each date, the blog feels more like getting drinks with an adventurous best friend than tapping into the mind of a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe.

Like this date to the yoga studio with ‘Dancey Pants’:

He’s coming off as a bit of an asshole but it’s really obvious that this is a shield. As we wait for our table to be ready, we have a beer and I break things down for him about where I come from and what my purpose is. And just like that I’ve broken down the barrier. After this he ends up being a totally sweet sweet date. We take a small make out tour of SF, from Divis, to The Mission, to SF State. He wants to touch me all over but I limit him. I’m getting turned on by my own power. He’s getting turned on by my power. It’s all very sexy. I leave him high and dry but we plan to meet again eventually.

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Elise is on date 26 and the digital documentary is full of stories like these. The dude she calls “Mr. Success” who she has to remind the next day via text that he got sloppy wasted at the concert. “The Farmer” who wants Elise to meet his friend for a drink, who happens to be a gorgeous female. The guy that she meets in her international hostel who produces “the stabbiest finger bang of my life.”

Nerve asked Elise if she had already learned about herself from the early date process. She said, “I don’t have to take shit from anyone. I know it’s a really basic lesson, but it’s easy to forget that you have total control of what your future looks like.” And don’t think the recent college grad isn’t allowing herself some repeat fun. Some of the gentlemen have gotten repeat dates and one lucky dude is on number four. But she’s still not giving up on her original mission of 100 before summer ends.

Elise has currently taken her dating game abroad, while on vacation in Amsterdam. You can follow her journey, date by date, on 100 Dates Of Summer.