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under the skin

Under The Skin

Ink is an invasion, it gets under the skin. I wonder if they worry I might stain their tongues.

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“Don’t be gentle,” I beg. “I won’t break.”

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No Big Deal, I Want More

Probably some of my earliest sexual urges were Ursula-oriented.

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Dmitri is sexting me a long and elaborate fantasy. It starts, “Had a dream about you.”

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love darts.jpg

Love Darts

It seems impossible that I’ll ever meet someone who hasn’t been hurt.

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On Name-Calling

In the morning I can feel his cock jumping against my stomach. It’s heavy.

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image (1)

Los Angeles

L.A. makes me feel sexually frustrated.

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Phantom Limb

I hadn’t slept with Dmitri since before he broke his right arm in a snowboarding accident. In the photo he texted me that night, h…

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cop in heat

Cops In Heat

As tensions rise with temperature, will the coming months be remembered by the names of names of youth smothered by cops in heat?

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IMG_5792 (2)

A Girl Is Born

There are a million and one ways to make a girl cum.

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kim k

Self-ish: Part 3

Does love require compromise? The final part of our discussion on selfishness.

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Self-ish: Part 2

Part 2 on our self-involved thought chain on selfish selflessness, boredom, and the Liberated Woman.

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Self-ish: Part 1

Are you selfish? Do you want to be? Eight women selfishly write about their relationship to and with their self-ishness.

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Loving Too Much

Can you be addicted to caring? Whitney Mallet unravels the pathology of codependency.

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Freak Like Her

Elise Peterson gets to know Adina Howard, the original fiery hip-hop queen post freak—if ever a thing exists.

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Pic 6

Dispatch From The Downs

We sent novelist Ryan Ridge to cover weird America’s favorite horse race.

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Magic Against Death

With a newly published collection of his writing, cult poet Frank Stanford rises from his tragic past.

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