Helmut Newton: 1920-2004

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Helmut Newton: A Tribute
Artists – especially photographers – don’t agree on many things. But you’d be hard-pressed to find one who doesn’t recognize Helmut Newton as an icon. He has been called the most popular and the most copied photographer of the twentieth century.

Newton was born in Berlin in 1920 to a well-to-do Jewish family which fled Germany for Singapore, then Australia. There, he set up his first photo studio with his wife, June, who photographed under the name Alice Springs. His photographic style quickly crystallized around two themes: glamour and sexual decadence. He earned the nicknames “King of Kink” and “The 35mm Marquis de Sade.” A complex man, he was known for being cold and hard, but his tender, loving marriage lasted fifty-five years, until his death in an car accident outside L.A.’s Chateau Marmont last week.

We felt that the best way to shed light on Newton’s enormous talent was to show some of his most iconic pictures and to share the thoughts of the Nerve photographers whom he has influenced. Photography won’t be precisely the same without him, but it will continue to display his profound influence. — the Nerve staff

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