15) Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart went almost completely bald before the age of twenty, and we wouldn't want him any other way. What could have been a lesser man's curse, Stewart turned into a signature — could you imagine Captain Jean-Luc Picard with a wavy mane? And his shiny dome made him a shoe-in for his other big role, Professor X. Stewart possesses the kind of assured confidence that we would gladly follow into whatever alien world or superhero battle he chose, with a smile that could melt butter and a voice that could melt anyone with ears. At that point, hair is irrelevant. — James Brady Ryan

14) Gloria Steinem
Waiting in line last year to get our copy of Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions signed by Gloria Steinem, we couldn't believe that the vibrant, authoritative, and attractive woman whom we were rapidly falling for was in her seventies. Looking at her, you see the beautiful femininity she has tirelessly fought for. From her iconic streaked hair, aviator shades, and undercover Playboy bunny suit of the sixties, to her present form as a stunning seventy-five-year-old legend of feminism, graceful Gloria could convert even the most stubborn misogynist. (Even if, as she herself would argue, for the wrong reason. But it feels so right!) — N.B.

13) Julie Christie
"I think I may be beginning to disappear," says Julie Christie in Away from Her. Luckily, the knockout actress has decided to stay in view, driving us to distraction all the while. Christie's flawless face and piercing eyes have been showcased in some of the greatest movies ever made. She also managed to tame notorious rake Warren Beatty for seven years during New Hollywood's debauched peak. Beatty described her as "the most beautiful and at the same time the most nervous person" he'd ever known, high praise given his peerless cocksmanship. At a time when twenty-five-year-old starlets sign up for voluntary botulism, Christie remains, at sixty-eight, the picture of fine-aged grace. — B.G.

12) Jack Nicholson
In The Witches of Eastwick, an exasperated Cher brutally delineates to Jack Nicholson the reasons she'd never sleep with him. She calls him vulgar, repulsive, intellectually retarded and even smelly. Needless to say, the next day, she reveals to Michelle Pfeiffer that he was such a good lay, she can barely walk. I imagine this is a common two-step women do with Jack Nicholson — he might look like a garden gnome, but a hot garden gnome. We've all seen the tabloid photos of a scantily dressed Nicholson (yikes!) and his gorgeous fling-of-the-week sunbathing on his boat. Couple that with the litany of conquests that he's racked up, the number of children he's fathered by various women, and it's apparent just why Jack Nicholson is such a stud: he's the quintessential Hollywood bachelor. So watch out, Clooney. — A.S.

11) Judi Dench
The only cast member to transfer over from the best-forgotten Pierce Brosnan-era to the new and improved Bond films, Judi Dench has nothing if not staying power. She may have started as the pretty young thing in every Shakespeare play ever, but these days, you get the sense that she's reached an age at which she does whatever the hell she wants to do. And while most people in their seventies take this license to talk during movies and yell at bank tellers, Dench decided to look great in a pantsuit while verbally bitch-slapping Daniel Craig. — J.B.R.

Commentarium (41 Comments)

Aug 10 09 - 10:28am

Helen Mirren has a rack that defies both time and definition. Good otherwise.

Aug 10 09 - 10:28am

Where the fuck is Helen Mirren?!

Aug 10 09 - 10:28am

Helen is only 64, so too young by a year.

Aug 10 09 - 11:34am

I miss Dustin Hoffman on this list - so cute!

Aug 11 09 - 12:44am

Sophia Loren, but no Catherine Deneuve! She's a senior hottie if I ever saw one.

Aug 10 09 - 2:26pm

I'm not sure of her age, but what about Jacqueline Bisset?

Aug 10 09 - 2:27pm

i will like to mention other over 60 actors like michael nouri, dennis farrina, and alan rickman. they all have a full hair and two are ethnic looking, italian and middle eastern descent. i find them hot.

Aug 10 09 - 4:16pm

Ellen Burstyn? Gena Rowlands?

Aug 10 09 - 7:04pm

great list. i would happily spend the night with any of these people, even though i am exactly half the youngest's age.

Aug 10 09 - 7:16pm

where are donald sutherland and julie andrews?

Aug 10 09 - 9:15pm

Um, hellooooo. Faye Dunaway anyone?

Aug 10 09 - 9:17pm

And yeah, Catherine Deneuve. No question.

Aug 10 09 - 9:54pm

you forgot Donald Sutherland!

Aug 10 09 - 11:24pm

ah, captain picard. you can have your way with me any day.

Aug 10 09 - 11:57pm

Donald Sutherland is a good call.

Aug 11 09 - 12:21pm

"Sexy elderly" in the heading - and yet - in discussing Ben Kingsley in a phone-sex scene with a young woman you say 'may have damaged the film's plausibility, not to mention (considering the glaring age difference) some stomachs". Underneath still lurks the priest in Harold & Maude.

Aug 11 09 - 12:55pm

Good God, Ian McKellan's guy is HOT.

Aug 11 09 - 11:59am

Where is Barbra Streisand? When so many Hollywood stars give in to plastic surgery she's the one that stands out for accepting her natural beauty and being real. She's 67 and looks amazing!

Aug 11 09 - 2:03pm

Warren Beatty--a legendary libido balanced out by political acumen and a wit so sharp he's like a one-man episode of the West Wing. When he's at the Oscars, the camera is always on him, even if he isn't nominated for anything. And who gives a drunken acceptance speech better?

Aug 11 09 - 3:31pm

Where the hek is Al Pacino?

Aug 11 09 - 7:48pm

I second Mr. Pacino, although he's looking pretty rough these days. I think they left Mirren off b/c it's too expected.

Aug 12 09 - 7:29am

patrick stewart rules!!!!

Aug 13 09 - 3:33pm

Sophia Loren....mmmmmm stunning for an older lady, wouldn't mind going a few rounds with that

Aug 13 09 - 8:03pm

I just threw up a little in my mouth...Jane Fonda makes me want to hurl...

Aug 15 09 - 6:29am

Donald Sutherland anyone?

Aug 16 09 - 3:36am

Faye Dunnaway or runnerup Joan Rivers, yeah baby!

Aug 23 09 - 11:41pm

Where the fuck is david bowie?

Oct 23 09 - 12:58pm

Oh yes, I totally agree with your top pick. Although I really don't buy that Redford is old enough for this list and Helen Mirren isn't...oh well, she's awesome and can claim to be 29 if she really wants to. Definitely agree on Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

Nov 29 09 - 11:53am

Where the hell is Meryl Streep? And I agree, Helen Mirren should also be on here. Did you even see her in "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover"? And that was in her 50's.

Dec 10 09 - 12:20pm

Where's Morgan Freeman?

Feb 14 10 - 12:11pm

Swap Ian Mckellen with Patrick Stewart for a more accurate list.

Mar 26 10 - 11:27am

Oh Robert Redford...any age...

Mar 31 10 - 11:43pm

I met david bowie he is definitely doable!

Apr 11 10 - 12:01am

I'd tap Helen Mirren all day long; simply dynamite

Jun 17 10 - 12:11am

It is a sin against God that Harrisin Ford isn't on this list. The Force is not with you.

Jun 17 10 - 12:12am


Aug 10 10 - 2:26am

David Bowie is not on this list, therefore it is invalid.

Oct 03 10 - 9:37pm

What about Morgan Freeman. His voice is like velvet. He's hot. And yeah, Catherine Deneuve and Helen Mirren. Have you seen Helen Mirren in a bikini?

Oct 09 10 - 4:12am

Ian Mckellen, Christopher Plummer, David Bowie, Ian Mckellen...

Jun 04 11 - 8:05pm

Lauren Hutton is so not hot. She`s fugly!

Jun 04 11 - 8:09pm

Lauren Hutton is so hot. Look at the size of her tits! Any older man would love to be her husband.