They do not just want to have fun. Diamonds are not their best friend. The women you're about to meet have derived their everlasting power from one place over the past fifty years: the land of rock. They were born there in a time before men. They came to us with their guitars and their pianos and their voices. These forty betties, chicks, punks, chanteuses and mad women from the hills represent the purest realization of rock and roll sexuality. Every one of them may have followed The King, but he could never match their swagger. Behold: the Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History. (Frontman fans — stay tuned.) Oh, and a couple of ground rules: one, points for longevity; and two, Madonna is trying too hard. — John Constantine

40) Allison Mosshart

What is it that's so sexy about a girl who might kill you in your sleep? Mosshart rocks the alluring androgyny embraced by the worlds of high fashion and punk rock alike, with a stage presence evoking a heroin-chic model fighting off Hemingway-caliber detox shakes. — Izzy Cihak

39) Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto is the prime dark-horse candidate on lists like this, but what's perhaps most appealing about her, oddly, is the strong sense that she hates lists like this and generally could not care less about her perceived sexiness. The openly gay, proudly overweight Ditto carries herself with an intimidating clarity that goes far beyond mere confidence. How many of us, body types and sexualities notwithstanding, would have the wherewithal to pose nude on the cover of one popular magazine, let alone two? It might be belaboring the point to say that that's what sexiness is, but hell: that's what sexiness is. — Joe Bernardi

38) Suzanne Vega

Sure, she's best known for the world's catchiest song about domestic violence — not exactly sexy — but watch Suzanne Vega croon "Left of Center" and you'll be swept away by her sweet voice, come-hither glances, and Molly Ringwald pixie cut. You may also feel a smidge of nostalgia, something Vega herself has little time for; she's consistently followed her muse, not fame. Beauty, brains and a bohemian fearlessness score Vega her place on this list. — Nicole Ankowski

37/36) Kate Pierson/Cindy Wilson

The B-52s always sounded like a specific sort of good time, in their thrift-store-trashy way. (Think John Waters.) And kitschy sexiness surely came naturally to a band formed in a post-Flaming-Volcano jam session. With regard to the sex appeal of the band's feminine half, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson are hard to rank. Kate may've been the more iconic one (the red bouffant, the preference for girls, the muppet), but Cindy could pull a little-girl-lost thing that — depending on your own level of perversity — either tugged your heartstrings or your loins. Or both. — Peter Smith

Commentarium (133 Comments)

Mar 26 09 - 12:41pm

how are we defining front women? subquestion: how are we defining rock?

Mar 26 09 - 2:27am

It looks like you have Grace Potter's picture at the top, but you don't list her. You should--she's got the pipes, the chops, the cool, the bod, the tunes, and she's sweet as country pie. But all of that doesn't begin to convey the impact she has when she belts it out. I'd put her up against any woman on your list. She's that good--and she wields her sexual artillery with ferocious intensity.


Mar 22 11 - 2:24am

I'm with you nomad, Grace Potter rocks!! She's got it all.

Mar 26 09 - 10:09am

This list lacks legitimacy if it leaves out Kim Deal in favor of about 10 of the people in this BS lineup.

Mar 26 09 - 10:31am

I made my journey from 40 to 1 agreeing with some, violently disagreeing with others, hoping the whole time to see Ms. Susanna Hoffs. Imagine my surprise when I get to number 1 without even a mention of her. How can anyone look at her eyes on the "Walk Like An Egyptian" video and not get that certain tingly feeling?

But thanks for an entertaining list, nonetheless. :)

Mar 26 09 - 11:23am

How in the world does Tina Turner beat Debbie Harry??????????????

Nov 04 11 - 2:03pm

I saw Tina perform "lovin you too long" in '67 while she gave the microphone some "attenetion". I was leaning on the stage - yeah, looking up her skirt - and I will ABSOLUTELY guarantee she belongs on this list at #1. Still.

Mar 27 09 - 12:53am

YOu guys are lame.

Mar 26 09 - 1:19pm

Beauty and sexiness are of course in the eye (and in this case, ear) of the beholder, but you're nuts for overlooking Shirley Mason.

Jul 14 12 - 7:24pm

soooo true! I expected her in the top 5, as opposed to not listed at all!

Mar 26 09 - 1:26pm

I'll ignore the fact that the majority of your frontwomen do not 'rock,' although I understand that's a loose term these days. However, I can't ignore the fact that you had the audacity to include such non-talents as Bjork and Liz Phair and omit the great Theo from The Lunachicks, Exene from X, and Brody from The Distillers. Those are some sexy, bad-ass frontwomen. As least you got Janis, Joan, Patti, Siouxsie and Tina right.

Mar 26 09 - 1:34pm

P.S. Where the hell is Shirley Manson? Her sexy, seething, antagonistic sultriness is far superior to Gwen Stefani's hiccup-singing. As for looks, no contest-hot, alabaster redhead trumps pigeon-toed, bowlegged bleached blonde. Never quite got on the No Doubt/Stefani train. If I want to hear real ska or dance hall, I'll stick to Bad Manners and The Specials, not a pop-faux ska band fronted by Minnie Mouse.

Mar 26 09 - 2:19pm

You omitted Grace Slick. You missed Marriane Faithful. How dare you.

You think Bjork is sexy? She's cutesy. You think Patti Smith is sexy? Laurie Anderson has her beat by a mile.

At least you got Liz Phair and Nico right. All the singers I mention above I've seen them all perform live except Bjork - I saw her in an airport - have you?

I'm afraid your development of the intersection of the higher and lower pleasures is yet undeveloped.

Mar 26 09 - 2:55pm

Neither of the women from Heart were included because...

Mar 26 09 - 3:10pm

eh... you bitch about Bjork's looks and presentation and yet there is no commentary on Ms.Ditto, Peaches or Janis' unconventional looks? COME ON... Peaches, Regina, and Feist aren't even frontwomen or are Tori or Fiona frontin bands?? I think not, but the list is more solid than liquid or gas.

I applaud editors for getting in some talented women of color as we know how Rock n' Roll in the past has been defined by caucasian songstresses (some far less talented than others but noted)...

but shame indeed on no Shirley... or Sheryl.

Mar 26 09 - 3:17pm

Where is Grace Slick????

Mar 26 09 - 3:35pm

Are you fucking kidding me leaving Ani Difranco off this list?

For serious?

Mar 26 09 - 5:36pm

lucinda williams listen to her lyrics, her song scream of lost love and hot sex

Mar 26 09 - 6:46pm

Rindy Ross (Quarterflash), Anne Wilson in the mid-70s, Nancy Wilson up to the mid 90s, Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), Teri Nunn (Berlin).

You missed some good ones.

Mar 19 12 - 12:00pm

I agree with you here! Although, I'd say Nancy all the way up until the present! I might add that obviously the person(s) who made up this list have never heard of Storm Large. And if you say she's not a front woman for a band, then check on YouTube for her stints fronting The Balls, Storm, Inc., Flower S.F., and Storm & Her Dirty Mouth. Here, I'll get you started:
And then there's always

Mar 26 09 - 8:26pm

How the hell isn't Courtney Love on your list?!!! Frontwoman with more to front than Kurt Cobain when they met. So Kathleen Hanna's scrawlings on a wall turned into a really famous Nirvana song but we all remember what Kurt Cobain publicly said about Courtney's bedroom abilities I think!

I second complaints about the Kim Deal omission & add my voice to the Shirley Manson supporters.

Mar 26 09 - 11:22pm

You left out Grace Potter!

Mar 26 09 - 11:44pm

and where is julie miller.. ... she rocks harder than all of these, it's true.

Mar 27 09 - 2:15am

Is there anyone who doesn't hate this list?

Where are the Wilson sisters? Where is Grace Slick? Where is Belinda Carlisle? Where is Ronnie Spector?

What the fuck is Nico doing on this list?

As far as I can tell you just made up a list of skinny white girls - with the exception of Tina Turner.

It seems pretty clear that women who have bodies like normal women (Anne Wilson, Slick, Carlisle, Courtney Love) were excluded.

Do you really want to perpetuate awful female body stereotypes?

Mar 27 09 - 9:05am

grace slick? who cares? the sexiest thing she ever did was "we built this city on rock and roll."

you missed tracey thorn though. not a rocker per se, but silkyyyy smooth.

Nov 28 11 - 7:31am

I guess you've never heard "Somebody to Love" or "White Rabbit."

Mar 27 09 - 10:17am

Ah...Kim Deal? No?

Mar 27 09 - 10:36am

courtney love is way too opportunistic to be sexy. but kim deal should definitely be on here.

Mar 27 09 - 10:41am

Here's the third mention of Grace Potter. I mean seriously, this is a big oversight. You've got a few sexy women with no talent, a few talented women who aren't sexy and only a bare minimum of sexy+talented. If Grace ain't on that list I'm canceling my non-existent subscription.

Mar 27 09 - 11:12am

I have to include Martha Davis of The Motels in this list. Although her chanteuse-y days of "Suddenly Last Summer" qualify, it's the earliest Motels of "Counting", when she slinked around the stage in a leather jacket that really should guarantee her appearance here.

Mar 27 09 - 11:43am

Whither Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics?

Mar 27 09 - 3:27pm

You missed Jennifer Arroyo formerly of Kitty... she's HOTT!!!

Mar 27 09 - 4:39pm

Dale Bosio

Exene from X

Sushana Hoffs from the Bangels should be top freaking 5

Kelli Ali from the Sneaker Pimps sexiest lips ever

Shirley Manson from Garbage

Belinda from the GoGos was in Playboy for chrissakes

Dale Bosio

Mar 27 09 - 5:20pm

Some good selections on this list and some very appalling omissions.

I join those who have cited the Wilson sisters, Rindy Ross, Grace Slick and Shirley Manson. To this I would also add Annette Strean, who can inject so much personality and effusive delight into any lyric, and Annie Haslam.

For me, a great and powerful voice makes it hot. Attitude, of course, counts for even more.

Mar 27 09 - 9:07pm

Shirley Manson - Suzi Quatro - Rindy Ross - Kate Bush.

Mar 28 09 - 11:28am

How does Emily Haines of Metric not make this list?

Mar 28 09 - 2:01pm

Grace Potter has to be #1. Have you ever seen her in concert? That was a bizarre oversight, since you had her pic at the top. And I'm with all the people who also mentioned Shirley Manson.

Mar 28 09 - 5:45pm

You missed Jason Mraz.

Mar 28 09 - 8:15pm

Pretty sure that's Jenny Lewis at the top, not Grace Potter.

Mar 29 09 - 12:10pm

Clearly written by a 40-something Nick Hornbey wannabe, or a committee of people who felt the need to pay homage to certain icons who are great singers but the opposit of sexy (Janis Joplin - sweet jesus; and how is janis there and not Rickie Lee Jones??), this list falls tragically short. This is not an undertaking to be trifled with or riffed like an editorial. Fiona Apple at 29? Chan Marshall at 31? No Shirley Manson, Beth Gibbons, Tanya Donnely, Amanda Palmer, Aimee Mann, Hope Sandoval, Jennifer Charles...I'm debating canceling my Nerve membership. Total disaster.

Mar 30 09 - 12:28am

You've never heard of Ronnie Spector or Mary Weis from the Shangri-La's? Or Lorrie Collins of the Collins Kids?

Mar 29 09 - 6:55pm

Certainly another example why the Indie bias of music writing is terribly lame. You can't get past the lap fondue critics get over anything Lou Reed touched or women who can hold a tune yet raided Beacon's Closet.

Mar 29 09 - 9:31pm

How anyone could compile this list and not put Grace Slick on is mind boggling.

Mar 30 09 - 11:25am

Not bad, but you utterly missed Shirley Manson from Garbage and Christina Amphlett from the Divinyls.

Mar 31 09 - 1:53am

Thank you for ommitting Madonna. She's about as arousing as dipping your genitals into a glass of cold listerine.

Apr 02 09 - 10:50am

Melissa Etheridge? C'mon....

Apr 03 09 - 8:11pm

I could bitch about the content of this list, but instead I will only point out one factual error that I spotted.

Nico died in a CYCLING accident. As in pushbike. She fell off her bike while riding and and struck her head, which caused a brain hemmorrhage. Mototcycle crash sounds sexier, but the real details are just sad.

Apr 04 09 - 6:14am

No Grace Slick? You lost me there...

Apr 05 09 - 3:15am

Or what of Wendy James of Transvision Vamp?

Her nice-but-slutty bottle-blonde in a short skirt look was the very epitome of Rock-chick sexy. She was the stuff of many wicked teenage fantasies in the late 80's.

Apr 05 09 - 3:58am

hanna should have been no. 1. As soon as she started screeching that lovely sound it was 1994, i heard bikini kill for the first time and I was in love w/ a girl who would want me for about 7 seconds and then want me no more. Goddam.

Apr 07 09 - 9:21am

This is an exceptionally amazing list....with one HUGE, glaring ommission. Where is Pat Benatar??? Also, Dusty Springfield? Pat Benatar should be in the top 5 (as should Annie Lennox) and she kicks Chrissie Hynde's bony ass in jeans, sorry. Great choice for number one, Tina Turner is immortal!!!

Apr 08 09 - 11:25pm

WOW. Beth Fucking Ditto.

No Shirley Manson? No Emily Haines?

Nerve has been irrelevant for a while now, but this really, REALLY seals the deal.
I hope this shit collapses. And to think I once fucked in that office. And only now do I feel dirty having done it.

Apr 09 09 - 9:59pm

Where are the rest of the black and woman of color frontwomen (Diana, Aretha, Donna, Betty Davis, Vanity, MeShell, Sheila E., etc.)? This list is so not sexy.

Apr 11 09 - 6:43pm

No Christina Martinez from boss hog? .. your logic is flawed

Apr 15 09 - 7:15pm

All so true but I can't believe the Indigo Girls aren't on this list!!!

Apr 17 09 - 1:23pm

This is the most retarded list I've ever seen. Liz Phair is a hack and not sexy AT ALL (not to mention can't write a song to save her own life) and somehow she's above Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks and into the TOP FIVE? Puhlease.

The people at Nerve need to learn about the history of Rock n' Roll, not kowtow to their lame instincts to enshrine trendy hipsters as rock legends. The vast majority of the women in the list all gained prominence in the last few years and a number of them are completely insignificant. What about Tracey Thorn? What about Sarah McLachlan? Ronnie Spector? Dianna Ross? Grace Slick? FAIL.

Apr 22 09 - 8:51am

Every Aussie male who read this list is crying. You missed THE greatest - Christina Amphlett of the Divinyls.
Not only did the Divinyls pioneer the Australian rock scene Chrissie was the epitomy of SEX.

Jan 04 12 - 1:02pm

Thanks for reminding us of Dyvinyl's Chrissie, yum.

Apr 24 09 - 1:42pm

Where is Brandi Carlile?!

May 01 09 - 3:40pm

where the fuck is natalie merchant !!!!!!!!??????????

Aug 30 09 - 10:42pm

What about the Wilson sisters..... They where hot

Sep 21 09 - 10:37am

Where is ALANIS MORISSETTE???????????????????????????????

SHAKIRA - LATINA ROCK GODDESS????????????????????????????????


Sep 21 09 - 10:38am


Dec 10 09 - 3:59pm

Kate Bush??????!!!!!??????? WTF

Dec 13 09 - 3:24pm

no Brody Dalle????? and Alison Mosshart deserves to be MUCH higher in the list. most of these aren't even rock n' roll

Jan 21 10 - 6:41pm

No Brody Dalle?
You people suck. D:

Mar 06 10 - 10:46pm


Mar 16 10 - 7:52pm

Shirley Manson should be there.

Mar 16 10 - 11:16pm

Well, this is Nerve after all, so you have to expect the bias towards punk and indie music. I'm honestly surprised that there were as many mainstream artists on the list as there were. And naturally no Metal frontwomen like say, Maria Brink (In This Moment), Laura Pleasants (Kylesa), or Dominique Persi (Stolen Babies).

Jul 16 10 - 8:35pm

Skunk Anansie...Skin?? ring any bells??

Jul 27 10 - 5:24pm


Jul 29 10 - 12:57pm

Where the f*ck is Pat Benatar??? She was so damn sexy back in the day...

Jul 29 10 - 1:01pm

This list seems so random. And that Nico Video is ghastly-not sexy. And yeah, holy shit, where's Kate Bush?

Jul 29 10 - 6:20pm

where is so and soo....dude they are on your personal list, get over it or make your own list and just enjoy the content (or not and go away) I get so sick of reading stuff like this and then seeing a million losers have whinged about what isn't on the list. And yes I know I could *not* read the comments but I like see what people have to say, just stop saying stuff like this and get over it.

Jul 30 10 - 4:27am

Adalita deserves to be on this list. Sure, Magic Dirt aren't too well known, but goddamn can that woman tear a stage apart.

Aug 07 10 - 6:41pm

Nerve you have some nerve to leave out the hottest sexiest wild child of the 70's and 80's and her name is Yvette Marie Steves aka Chaka Khan of the group Rufus.

Aug 07 10 - 8:25pm

It amazes me that Polly Jean Harvey can sing "Rid of Me" in the bright sunshine in front of several hundred thousand people. I would have to wait for the moon to come up to shout those lyrics into a crowd....damn....

Aug 08 10 - 2:01pm

Where is Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons)?!?

Aug 09 10 - 4:56pm

where is hayley williams

Aug 17 10 - 7:39am

what the hell?! now i know this list is b.s. ... how can u make a list of the sexiest frontwomen in rock without mentioning SHIRLEY freakin' MANSON?!?!?!?! theyre synonymous yknow.. might want to look that up.. for shame!

Sep 01 10 - 2:23am

Hello?? Amy Lee anyone? This list is trash, the only recognizable names that deserve their place on it are too old now to really strike me as "hot" and many were not even from "Rock History"

Sep 05 10 - 12:19am

It's not important that many super hot frontwomen were left off this list. That would be the case with even the best possible list. But it kind of seems like someone went through his or her iPod and chose the first frontwomen they came across. Also, this is rock defined very loosely. A lot of it is pop. Oh, and the list is too white. And there's not much history involved because a lot of these names happen to be popular now and are not going to stand the test of time. If this list was funnier its shoddiness would be forgivable. Maybe some of these folks are pissed because it's such a missed opportunity.

Sep 06 10 - 12:13pm

How about Susanna Hoffs - lead singer for the Bangles?!?!

Sep 20 10 - 5:22pm

And you left out the Queen of Rock Linda Ronstadt? Good grief!

Oct 05 10 - 1:32am

Where the fuck is Ann Wilson? She should be in the top fucking 20 at least. This list is a steaming pile of shit!

Oct 06 10 - 10:33pm

No Nena Kerner? What the fuck.

Oct 14 10 - 3:29am
Online Poker

good points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Joe

Oct 19 10 - 10:38am

I'm with you AAA. Chrissy Amphlett, so freaking hot.

Then again. Patti Smith. She makes me want to get a strap-on and fuck everyone I can find.

Oct 19 10 - 2:23pm

What? No Emmylou Harris and no Linda Ronstadt?

Fuck you.

Oct 23 10 - 11:03pm

where the hell is Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) i mean WTF? she's hotter than ANY woman on that list! don't believe me? go look her up. she's fine as hell!

Oct 26 10 - 7:30pm
Kate about Emily Haines?

Nov 03 10 - 7:56pm

im also wondering where kate bush is. the sensual world (song) basically is sweaty breathy sex

Nov 09 10 - 1:11pm

Total bullshit list with a bunch of recent flash in the pan BS not many chicks of real influence or importance......laughable list

Dec 14 10 - 2:24pm

Susanna Hoffs????

Dec 16 10 - 11:43am

Some of the videos have been removed

Dec 17 10 - 4:27pm
fuck you

shirley manson, wendy james, alanis morrisete, nena kerner, susanna hoffs, justine frischmann, ....
not in your list?

go fuck a goat and kill yourself

Jan 27 11 - 11:11pm
Nikki Teen

Umm. brody dalle. Courtney love. shirley manson. Heart. are all missing. I think debbie should be number one, but i respect tinas place as number 1.

Feb 25 11 - 6:13pm

i would have protested if joan jett wasn't in the top five, just so you know.

Mar 07 11 - 2:22pm



Mar 21 11 - 1:08pm

Exene Cervenka... ?

Mar 21 11 - 2:11pm

Has anyone heard of Veronica Freeman, she puts these whores to same!!!!!

Mar 21 11 - 3:03pm

This list is irrelevant with the ommision of the Plastmatics Wendy O Williams

Mar 21 11 - 3:03pm
Phil E.

Missed a very lovely Polish lady and her group (UnSun) Anna "Aya" Stefanowicz & a group from Finland called Nightwish and their lead Tarja Turunen (until 2005)...Otherwise good list!

Mar 21 11 - 3:03pm
Phil E.

Missed a very lovely Polish lady and her group (UnSun) Anna "Aya" Stefanowicz & a group from Finland called Nightwish and their lead Tarja Turunen (until 2005)...Otherwise good list!

Mar 21 11 - 3:03pm
Phil E.

Missed a very lovely Polish lady and her group (UnSun) Anna "Aya" Stefanowicz & a group from Finland called Nightwish and their lead Tarja Turunen (until 2005)...Otherwise good list!

Mar 21 11 - 3:04pm
Phil E.

Missed a very lovely Polish lady and her group (UnSun) Anna "Aya" Stefanowicz & a group from Finland called Nightwish and their lead Tarja Turunen (until 2005)...Otherwise good list!

Mar 21 11 - 3:17pm

Why does every Pop star think they are Rock stars. You pop fans keep imagining you are rockers. You haven't a clue about rock music. Fad after Fad of ear wrenching, melody insulting, monotone trash...

Mar 21 11 - 4:32pm
Pete S

no grace slick?!?! how ridiculous

Mar 21 11 - 8:07pm

umm...why are we making these women into sexual objects.....isn't it about the music and talent sexist assholes????? BTW, where's Mia Zapata? Never heard of her from The Gits? No, prob not. She was raped and murdered in 1993 by a stranger. See the doc, "The Gits"....inform yourselves. And, not putting Skin from Skunk Anansie or Exene from X is a fucking crime assholes. What group of idiot men wrote this pos list?

Mar 22 11 - 11:19am

Shirley Manson makes me question my sexuality...leaving her out was a massive oversight.

Mar 25 11 - 2:15am


remember rufus@@ she was a STONE COLD FOXX!!

Mar 25 11 - 2:17am

i also agree SKIN from SKUNK ANANSIE was a huge oversight! girl can sing, and see simultaneously scares the shit out of me and dares me to keep listening/watching

Apr 16 11 - 11:49pm

Yes, it's good that you left off Alanis Morissette.
But NO, it's very bad that you completely omitted the awesome Joan Osborne!

Apr 16 11 - 11:49pm

Yes, it's good that you left off Alanis Morissette.
But NO, it's very bad that you completely omitted the awesome Joan Osborne!

Aug 30 11 - 3:01am

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for witring!

Nov 15 11 - 9:36am

No Pat Bentar? This list is a fake.

Nov 23 11 - 1:35am

Why should Pat Bentar be on this list ? Pat Benatar ! Now thats a whole new story ! This list is from Mars & we all know that planet has no atmosphere, despite hearing the transmission of " Live From Earth " !

Nov 23 11 - 1:26pm

Something angry and insulting because unbelievably I don't agree with everything in the list.
Strange that a top 40 isn't identical to my list - even though I've not made one.
I'll be angry anyway.

Grow up guys - if you don't agree then politely disagree and courteously remind us of who you think should have been included - without the insults if you can-

I'm going to suggest Martha Wainwright, Julie Tippett, Sam Brown, and errrr.... ummmm..

Dec 02 11 - 3:42pm
Tony Nicholas

You put Joan Jet and not Suzi Quatro? Epic fail!

Dec 05 11 - 2:14am
Andrew McDonald

Fail Fail Fail - Annie Lennox !!!!!! and no Pat Benatar nor Wendy James who should have been # 1

Dec 12 11 - 9:12pm

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Jan 05 12 - 1:37am

Natalie Merchant?

Feb 07 12 - 4:00am


Feb 08 12 - 6:47am

Ugh. what an awful list. So many women left out (why the fuck wasn't Courtney Love on this list? Say what you will about her, but she is guttural sexuality on mile long legs. Especially during the Celebrity Skin era. She was so shiny and healthy, but with none of her raw energy and rage sacrificed) . And so many of the blurbs for the ones I did agree with (Janis Joplin, Patti Smith) tried to describe their sexiness but still called them ugly. wtf?
On the list of sexiest front men, there were mostly all older performers (almost all of them I agreed with. I was super happy to find Tom Waits on that list), but this one seems mostly comprised of modern acts (but Amanda Palmer left out?). Ugh.

Feb 09 12 - 9:00pm

I understand why Santigold is here, but why not M.I.A?

Mar 14 12 - 5:08pm
Peter Pinson

The Person who compiled this obviously doesn't know what Sexy means and has obviously has never heard of.. or seen.. The Divynls or Cheetah.....or The Baby name just a few..more research needed instead of naming his favourites...

Apr 13 12 - 7:47pm
Howard Bleh

Shirley Manson should be on here. And Amanda Palmer

May 03 12 - 11:50am
Meta Dan

Good list! We used it as a resource when compiling our own 10 here -

May 03 12 - 11:59pm

WTF?? I mean .... WTF??? Anne and Nancy Wilson didn't make this list?? They were what wet dreams were made of ...... this is totally bogus!!!

Jun 14 12 - 7:59pm

This list must have been made by a woman, a straight woman. You wouldn't know sexy if it had its hand on your crotch.

Jul 09 12 - 5:14pm

SHAME on you for not including Pat Benatar on this list.

Jul 21 12 - 4:33pm

alice glass