The internet is awash in lists. We're sure that somewhere there's a few billion government dollars being spent on why we humans have such a limitless appetite for all things numbered, but it's no wonder we adore them: they're fun, easily digested, often-trashy candy for the brain. But from the great swathes of pop-culture enumerations, some stand out like beacons in the foggy internet night. (Ahem: just a few glorious examples from Nerve.) Great online lists shock us, make us laugh, and teach us valuable lessons (flush the toilet before taking that sexting photo, m'kay?). The format may be grossly overexposed, but the best content deserves to be lauded. Here are the most outrageous, clever, and sexy catalogues of the year that was: the Top 20 Internet Lists of 2009*.

* Besides, of course, our own.

20) 5 Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley
People who dress their cats in a sweater or refer to him as their son run the risk of being labeled a mental patient. Comparing a cat to the star of Cocoon and an insurance peddler, however, is nothing short of genius.

19) Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Maps Street View
Favorite Moment: LARPers caught on tape.

18) The Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations
Anyone who spends three months building anything with Legos is suspect, unless it results in a working air conditioner. Favorite Lego creation: Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

17) 11 Predictions That Back to the Future II Got Wrong and 11 Predictions That Back to the Back to the Future II Got Right
The 1989 flick imagined a 2015-world full of flying cars and food hydrators. What'd they get right?

16) The 14 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries
Celebrity Who Looks Most Like Robin Williams in Drag: Linda Evans.

15) The Funniest Protest Signs of 2009
Who knew Jesus mockers, lewd women and sports nuts were all going to hell?

14) The 10 Best TV Neighbors
Awesome list, despite it not answering the eternal question: how the heck did Growing Pains get away with naming a character Dicky "Boner" Stabone?

13) 25 Awesome Cubicle Pranks
This will give you a bunch of good ideas on how to get back at Larry from payroll.

12) 30 More Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians
Favorite Dude That Looks Like a Lesbian: Carrot Top, by a mile.

11) The Most Scandalous Network-TV Sex Scenes Ever
It's both a blessing and a curse that Sipowicz and his bare ass did not make the list.

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Dec 09 09 - 11:11am

I can't believe every object actually DOES look like Joe Jackson. Even the eggplant...amazing!

Dec 09 09 - 12:48pm

This is going to be #1 on my list of funniest things I saw at work this decade.

Dec 09 09 - 2:09pm

funniest thing ive seen in a long time. especially photos ruined section and the news story section...the one with nancy grace is hilarious!!!

Dec 09 09 - 2:42pm

I really failed the "ee cummings" versus "youtube comment" test. shit.

Dec 09 09 - 2:43pm

The 11 sexy photos ruined by people - and the 11 photos ruined by sex - is my new favorite thing. I cannot believe some of those. Please tell me when I'm a mom I won't be grinding on the floor while my kid sleeps naked beside me. Seriously. Someone please tell me it won't come to that...

Dec 09 09 - 2:48pm

I could watch the news bloopers over and over. Like, for hours.

Dec 09 09 - 2:50pm

@ PAL - I know! I wasn't just laughing out loud. I was BARKING. I got in trouble for disturbing my cubicle-mates. Love the news bloopers. Hate our floor manager.

Dec 09 09 - 3:08pm

great meta article nerve, something for everyone :)

Dec 09 09 - 3:18pm

Love this! Jack Osbourne looks like "The girl whose family and friends had to pretend they were surprised when she came out over Christmas break freshmen year." will have me laughing all day.....

Dec 09 09 - 10:22pm


Dec 09 09 - 10:25pm

Nerve has the smartest lists on the web.

Dec 09 09 - 11:07pm

holy fuck that cat looks like wilford brimley

Dec 09 09 - 11:09pm

Jason Hervey from Wonder Years is SPOT-ON. Looks like Cher's daughter. That's a compliment.

Dec 10 09 - 12:26am

I don't know what's better/worse: the ad for the woman to sit in a bathtub of noodles, or the ad for the 30-year-old birthday party "drunk clown."

Dec 10 09 - 12:31am

"And she would've gotten away with this, too. If it wasn't for that meddling TV."

Dec 10 09 - 12:45am

#1 is awesome

Dec 10 09 - 2:38pm

Love this! Hilarious! All surprising and really really funny. More stuff like this!

Dec 10 09 - 4:29pm

Nerve rules, love this list!

Dec 12 09 - 1:45am

Sorry to disappoint, but the LARP think was staged.

Dec 22 09 - 3:49pm

if you wanna see a ton more of these check out this site Ranker i think it's pretty new, good stuff:

Dec 25 09 - 11:12pm


Jan 10 10 - 7:39pm

Awesome post man. Had a blast going through all the links :)

Dec 08 10 - 7:58pm

The "LARPers caught on tape" are from Dagorhir - do a search and check it out. It's a lot of fun!

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