Drink This Cocktail: Classic SKYY Vodka Martini

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Drink This Cocktail: Classic SKYY Vodka Martini

JP from the Globe on the classic martini, made with SKYY vodka.


The Globe 
158 E 23rd St.

What do I order if I like a bartender and I want to show him, “Hey, I'm a lady who's got good taste in drinks?”
Well, the drink you're having right now is a good one. 

Classic martini?
Yep. Some girls, they'll ask for bourbon on the rocks. Or maybe if that's too strong, a Manhattan on the rocks, touch of bitters. Usually if girls know what they want, that shows that they're used to drinking a certain drink and they're not just making it up.

Okay, well that covers the ladies. Now pick a nice manly drink.
Well, me, I'm Irish. If a guy walks in and he says "I want a beer," that shows that he doesn't know what he wants. Some people like German beers, the wheat beers. Me, I'd choose Guinness. Just show that bartender that you know what you're talking about.

What if I ordered an apple martini? Would you judge me a little bit?
Yeah, you're right on there with the apple martini. I think I might also judge someone a little bit if they asked me for a Long Island iced tea, because I know straight away that they're looking for a sweet drink but they're looking to get drunk in, like, two drinks. 

Can you tell if someone's here on a date?
Oh yeah.

Because the guy will listen to every single word the woman's saying. That's how I can tell he's on a date. There might be a football game on, but he's clued in. He doesn't want to lose that eye contact. He's commenting on the bar, talking to her. And he's not saying hello to the bartender. Same with the lady. On a first date you want to find out about the other person, and not give off too much about yourself. But if they end up liking each other, you can tell too. I had one couple come in here, and the girl ordered a beer the guy said he'd never had before, and so he tried some of hers, and they ended up drinking six or seven each. That's how I knew it was going well. Then they started doing shots at the end, they were laughing. 

How about if it goes badly? How do you tell?
If it's not going well, the girl's first to be gone. She'll pick up her phone, pretend to get a text, and when he goes to the bathroom she'll ask for the check. But usually she waits for him to come back.

Have you ever seen any memorable dates here? Anything that you just thought, wow, this is odd?
[laughs] There was a couple that came in here one time, they had a couple of drinks, they had some food, and there was a guy that came in and sat at the bar. And he went to the bathroom, and when he came back he said to me, "Can I pay the check for that couple over there? They're friends of mine. Tell them Johnny got it." So when I told them, I found out Johnny was the woman's husband. He paid for his drink and their meal, and he left.

That's pretty classy way to handle it.
It was well done — he didn't cause a scene or anything. When I told the woman that it was Johnny who paid for their check, she nearly had a heart attack. She asked me to describe the man and what he looked like, and then she knew. But like you said, it was a classy way of doing it.

The Drink: Classic SKYY Vodka Martini

4 oz. SKYY vodka
8 ice cubes 
metal shaker 
3 spanish olives, stuffed with pimentos

"The key to this drink is temperature. Make sure you've got a good metal shaker and lots of ice. Shake the vodka until it's as cold as you can get it. Pour into a martini glass, garnish with olives, and drink it right away. If you want it a little dirty, add 2 tsp olive juice."