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The Pope has requested to chew coco, yes the coco that makes cocaine, for his visit to Bolivia this week. We knew the Pope was down to party but it looks like his desire for nose candy might be real. Just last year there was an incident where vehicles with Holy See plates were discovered to have loads of yayo. But that’s not all.

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Francis isn’t the first pope to get into the white stuff. Pope Leo XIII once sponsored Vin Mariani.

Pope Leo XIII’s longevity as Pontiff of the Catholic Church (the third longest in church history) may have been down to his favourite tipple Vin Mariani. Pope Leo was so enamoured by this French tonic wine it is claimed he kept a hip flask hidden under his cassock, so he could enjoy the occasional snifter to perk up his spirits—which it undoubtedly did, as Vin Mariani was a heady mix of Bordeaux wine and coca leaves. The original drink had 6mg of cocaine per fluid ounce, which went up to 7.2mg per fluid ounce for the export market—mainly to compete with similar coke-filled tonics—such as Coca-Cola—sold in the USA.


We of course can’t prove outright that the pontiff is doing fat gatortails of blow at the Vatican, but we do know he does love white. And what better cover for a Tony Montana style operation that being pope? Who is going to question your outrageous fashion choices and weird cars. It makes you wonder about the timing of his particular trip to South America, too. All the evidence is there. You read it here first, folks.

h/t Dangerous Minds