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Kate is a Friend

The highlights are meaningful.

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Game Of Thrones Premiere Sparks Increase In Porn Searches

Winter is (literally) cumming.

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The Purple Reign

Prince’s sexual ambiguity and gender fluidity made way for artists to unapologetically explore and express themselves.

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This Filmmaker Thinks Sexts Are Art

Meet the artist behind Send Me Your Sexts.

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The Vagina Vampire - Illustration (Pink)

The Vagina Vampire

He doesn’t even bother to knock anymore.

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Surviving in Total Surveillance: Laura Poitras’ Astro Noise

Nerve’s International Woman asks us to look at our lives and what is going on in the world through a different lense.

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Can Louis CK Save America From Itself?

Calling out Trump and making groundbreaking TV is a good start.

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American’s Know Some Dirty Words

From coast to coast, the top search terms in the ever-insightful world of porn.

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Fat Bottomed Girls

A nice pair of bubbly, bodacious buns beckons travelers.

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Addicted To Love

Here we uncover an exploration of modern day love addiction as depicted in the unapologetically gritty Netflix series, ‘Love’.

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Playboy Covers Up

Are we desensitized to sex? Farewell to the Centerfold.

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Is Erika Lust Changing Porn?

She wants her films to be set apart as good representations of sex, relationships and the human form.

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Ranked: Werner Herzog’s Documentaries from Worst to Best

The best nonfiction films from the master director.

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The Sex Scenes from Season 2 of ‘House of Cards’ (Including THAT One) NSFW

Sure, House of Cards is a razor-sharp political thriller, but it also features a lot (a lot) of sex.

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Ranked: Wes Anderson Films From Worst to Best

Anderson’s constructs meticulous whimsy and has sympathetic understanding of human foibles.

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Ranked: Every Oscar Best Picture Winner from Worst to Best

Auditing the one category that contains both The Godfather and Crash.

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BALTIMORE - Musician Dan Deacon photographed in his studio November 17, 2014

Learning to Relax with Dan Deacon

Nerve went to Baltimore to hang out with Dan Deacon, its musical ambassador, and learn about his new album Gliss Riffer.

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The Top 43 Sexiest U.S. Presidents

It’s President’s Day so here at Nerve we put together our celebrating the most important presidential characteristic: sex appeal.

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Ranked: Every Saturday Night Live Cast Member Ever, From Worst to Best

A highly scientific survey that will surely lead to no disagreements.

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The 50 Greatest Seduction Songs of All Time

If this list were any sexier, you’d be pregnant.

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