6. Sexulator

What It Does: Essentially a calendar, Sexulator lets you keep track of your sexual activity, then calculates "averages of your events."

First of all, that name is incredible. It sounds like someone who would be coming after me in Running Man. But really, it's a calendar, with "fun" little icons for the different acts. (No anal, but there's an "M" for multiple partners. Talk about mixed messages.) And, chances are, there's already a calendar on your phone. And as far as calculating averages, that will probably not end up as wacky and free-spirited as their copy makes it sound. By way of example, here's this customer review: "Should add a blocked icon for the nights she agrees to sex then at bedtime says 'let's wait til tomorrow.'"


7. Bad Date Rescue

What It Does: Allows for a user to receive a fake incoming emergency call to break up a bad date.

Aren't we all mature, articulate adults who can smoothly bow out of an awkward situation on a first date? No, we're not. And that's why we've turned to phone apps (paid for by eHarmony!) to augment our dating experiences. You can schedule an emergency call from your mom, your landlord, or your boss to save you from any mildly uncomfortable scenario. The app even has a "Repeat After Me" option for the inexperienced deceiver. You know what to do if you're having a bad date? Finish your meal, say you have to go home, and politely thank your date for their time. Unfortunately, there's no "tact" app (yet).


8. Date Check

What It Does: Delivers substantial personal information about a prospective date. By "substantial" I mean marital status, career history, and criminal records.

You know what would be great? An app that tracks people who use this app. That way, you'll know if you're about to go on a date with a possibly-insane person who has boundary issues. This app allows you to get a date's property ownership information, like the square footage and assessed value of their home. Now, there might be some of you who would prefer to know if your date has three full bathrooms before you meet them, but there's a fine line between "concerned suitor" and "shack-dwelling paranoid nut," and Date Check will help you cross it.

9. Slydial

What It Does: Lets you connect directly with someone's voicemail, bypassing whole "ringing" thing.

This app is only acceptable for those who have rehearsed an insanely over-the-top, complicated voicemail featuring Stevie Wonder singing back-up vocals. Otherwise, grow up. If you're going on a date with somebody, that requires communication, and lots of it, so you better get used to banter fraught with tension. Also, Slydial can be verrrrry easily abused by creepers — now the people you're harassing with an endless stream of heavy-breathing voicemails won't even have an opportunity to curse you out!

10. MedXSafe

What It Does: Your doctor uploads your STD tests results to your phone via the MedXCom system, and so does your potential partner. You "bump" your phones together to exchange your clean or dirty bills of health. 

Remember when "bumping uglies" just meant having sex, and not knocking two pieces of technology together to find out if the guy you were hitting on is riddled with disease? It’s hard to remember that far back. The problem with this app is that both of your doctors have to download the app, and upload your results. Like a lot of these apps, this is a matchmaker to pair up two adult-sized babies who would go through extreme lengths to avoid a frank, not-that-big-of-a-deal conversation. And, by the way, it doesn’t cover HPV, the "silent majority" of STDs, so that's kind of a sad trombone. 


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