15 Actually Hot Guys From the NYC Half-Marathon

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Sweaty in Spandex is alright by us. 

Kelly Roberts achieved minor internet fame this past week thanks to her stream of selfies with "hot" guys from the NYC Half-marathon. With the deepest respect for Kelly's efforts, the problem is, well, the guys just weren't that hot.  Luckily, Instagram exists and people like other people to know that they're #fit, #focused, and #maybealittlevain. Check out the 15 actually hot participants from last weekend's race and let us know if we left anyone out. 

1. Shirtless selfies are always, repeat always, appreciated. 

2. Duck face or deep inhalation?

3. Runners can be hot and coy. 

4. Brawny with mussed hair and an ironic(?) tattoo? We'll take it. 

5. High socks are totally in this time of year. 

6. The pearliest of pearly-whites. 

7. The guy goes by @drumorris on Instagram, but he still looks mighty fine on this account. 

8. Sexy running flashers are probably the best kind of flashers. 

9. Why so serious, brown eyes? 

10. Ross and James: Twins? Brothers? Friends? Single?

11. Opening Line: "Love your cape."

12. Bros or "bros?" Either way, let's hang out.

13. "Shine bright like a diamond!" 

14. Who says muscles can't move?

15. There are no words. Mr. Shea, you are perfect. 

Bonus: Kevin the Dog