Five Movies We Fear Tim Burton Will Make

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Starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter


Tim Burton: one of the freshest, most exciting directors out there… in 1992. While many are salivating at the upcoming Alice in Wonderland, others note that his directing style has gotten repetitive and, sadly, dull in its whimsical goth aesthetic. With that in mind, we here at Nerve decided to show you what could happen if Burton got his hands on five other stories to adapt.

1. Gingerbread Man

Set in dark, moody underworld of British bakeries in Victorian England, this tale of suspense, shadows, and butter-cream frosting follows a baker’s apprentice (Johnny Depp) as he races against time to stop his beloved fiancee (Helena Bonham Carter) from succumbing to the charms of his evil accidental creation, the Gingerbread Man. With music by Danny Elfman.

2. Macbeth

Set in the dark, moody underworld of Scotland, this gothic adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy pulses with darkness and frightful whimsy. Johnny Depp stars as the power-hungry protagonist, with supporting performances by Helena Bonham Carter as the witches, Winona Ryder as Lady Macbeth, and, in his daring sophomore performance, a clay model of a Gingerbread Man as Banquo.

3. I Dream of Jeannie

Set in the dark, shag-carpeted underworld of 1960s suburban housing divisions, Burton’s film reinvigorates a television classic. When astronaut Tony Nelson (Michael Keaton) crash-lands and discovers the 2000-year-old supernatural bombshell (Johnny Depp), his life is turned upside-down as the two take a whimsical, dream-like voyage through her phantasmagoric world. Can they win her freedom from the dangerous and frightening Genie Master (Alec Baldwin)? Featuring Helena Bonham Carter as astronaut Roger Healey.

4. Supreme: The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Story

Set in the dark, sleep-deprived world of American constitutional law, Tim Burton’s touching and fantastical biopic of the second female Supreme Court Justice… well, frankly, takes some liberties. Suffering from bouts of insomnia as she prepares to ascend to the highest court in the land, Ginsburg (Johnny Depp) must fight her way through a waking dream world in the U.S. Supreme Court Building. Can she banish the ghost of Warren Burger before the sun rises on her first day on the bench?

5. The Audacity of Hope

Set in the dark, audacity-filled world of the 2008 presidential election, this thrilling adaptation stars Helena Bonham Carter as Barack Obama. Following the critical savaging of Supreme, Burton dials it back a notch with a relatively true-to-life take on the struggles and triumphs of the first African-American man ever elected President of the U.S., as interpreted by a white British woman. With Johnny Depp as Sen. John McCain, Anne Hathaway as Michelle Obama, Winona Ryder as Sen. Hillary Clinton, Geena Davis as Gov. Sarah Palin, Alec Baldwin as Sen. Joe Biden, Michael Keaton as George W. Bush, and Danny Elfman as Oprah.

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