The Ten Sexiest Housekeepers of Cinema

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Maids and butlers are hired to keep things clean, but they consistently fill our minds with dirty thoughts. That’s the conundrum we faced when trying to choose only ten of cinema’s sexiest maids and butlers. It was tough, but in the spirit of spring cleaning, we did all the messy work for you. 

10) Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) – Blue Crush

This hotel is our idea of heaven; all the housekeepers are surfer babes who run around giggling with each other before they strip down on the beach and shred waves. She’s only acting as a housekeeper for a couple scenes, but Kate Bosworth looks great in this short flowered skirt. The thought of coming back to our room to find her rifling through our things would be enough to make us stay another night.

9) Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) – The Dark Knight

Yes, Michael Caine has grayed since the swinging ’60s. But in the debonair black suit, he still radiates cool. For those who love class and sophistication, Alfred stands alone.

8) Inez (Lumi Cavazos) – Bottle Rocket

Nothing escalates sexual tension like a language barrier. You’re forced to stare into each other’s eyes and communicate with suggestive body language. Inez is beautiful, doesn’t speak English, and has the keys to all the motel rooms.

7) Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz) – Love Actually

The one unforgettable image in the 136 minutes of gooey, rom-com sap that constitute Love Actually is that of Lúcia Moniz stripping down and jumping into a pond. Her Portuguese is intoxicating, her understated looks refreshing, and the sight of her in her underwear makes us forget that Colin Firth was even present.

6) Magenta (Patricia Quinn) – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Frankenstein place isn’t exactly the cleanest in the world, but Magenta more than makes up for her lack of domestic skills with her penchant for time warping. Plus, she’s from the planet Transsexual. So there’s that.

5) Robert Parks (Clive Owen) – Gosford Park

Clive Owen represents everything a man would want to be. He’s handsome, charming, and has a piercing gaze to complement that piercing accent. Seeing him in a cut suit, caught in the middle of a murder mystery, makes him even more intriguing.

4) Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) – Friends with Money


After quitting her lucrative job as a teacher, Jennifer Aniston’s Olivia begins working as a maid to make some scratch so she can continue living in Los Angeles. She also begins seeing a man named Mike, a lucky bastard who can now have both his teacher and maid fantasies fulfilled with just one person. Maybe it’s time to move to L.A.

3) Satan (Elizabeth Hurley) – Bedazzled

Elizabeth Hurley was the first person we thought of for this list. She only appears as a sexy French maid for a brief scene in this otherwise forgettable film, trying to seduce Brendan Fraser, but you gotta admit: never before has Satan looked so irresistible.

2) Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) – Maid in Manhattan 

J. Lo manages to look absolutely charming in an ordinary hotel-maid uniform with her hair pulled back. No one could make an apron and white Keds look sexier.

1) Wadsworth (Tim Curry) and Yvette (Colleen Camp) – Clue 

We couldn’t include one without having the other. Wadsworth has a sexy, mysterious side to him, and Yvette… well, she just looks ridiculously hot in her outfit. We’re filled with the desire to use the "rope" on her, whether in the dining room or the conservatory.