Ranked: The Men of Lost from Least to Most Sexy

Every single character, ranked in terms of sexiness.
By The Nerve Editors

Since day one, we’ve debated the motivations and allegiances of the dozens of characters on Lost. We’ve also spent hours arguing over who’s the most attractive. So, before the show takes its final bow, we've decided to rank all the significant characters from unappealing to irresistible. (And make sure to come back tomorrow for the ladies.)

40. Leslie Arzt

This super anxious and annoying science teacher doesn't have a speck of sex appeal, but he was able to bring some laughs to the show during his brief role. Unfortunately, the laughs came mostly when he was handling TNT and blew himself up. Bittersweet, we suppose.

39. Tom Friendly

The bearish Other is penalized several points for the fake scraggly beard he wore in the early seasons. As it turned out, that beard was a hint: ladies, you're not his type.

38. Stuart Radzinsky

Where to start with this hostile blowhard?  The Riff Raff hairdo? The discount-bin plastic frames? The surly, entitled attitude? Radzinsky can't even pull off the cool black Dharma jumpsuit. No wonder he ends up blowing his brains out all over the Hatch.

37. Anthony Cooper

Quite possibly the largest asshole in the entire series. There's basically nothing nice we can say about this guy, except that our moms like him on Emergency! And that doesn't come close to making up for him getting Sawyer's parents killed and throwing a certain someone out of a window.

36. Benard Nadler

Any guy who's man enough for a no-nonsense broad like Rose is good by us, whether he's fixing teeth in the sideways universe or sporting a macho Bernard-of-the-Jungle beard in his island retirement hut. If only he wasn't such a crotechy old dope, we might actually think he was sexy.

35. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Ok, so Hurley spent a little time in a mental institution. And he's, uh, big-boned. But he's got a great personality, a sweet smile, and he's a millionaire in two parallel universes. And we really like him. But just as a friend.

34. Roger Linus

Alcoholic. Short tempered. Responsible for raising the anti-christ. This guy hardly has the characteristics of a sex icon, though he can rock a Dharma Work Man jumpsuit like nobody's business.

33. Phil

He's odd, scowling, and had the audacity to slap the lovely Juliet in order to get Sawyer to talk. His furrowed brow and prominent chin may appeal to some, but mostly he looks like he has some bodies under the floorboards.

32. Ethan Rom

We suppose that a girl could do worse than Ethan, if she goes for reserved, quiet (and more-than-somewhat creepy) types, and doesn't mind the occasional needle injection.

31. Lennon

The appropriately named John Lennon look-alike didn't last very long on the show, but his geeky charm created a nice contrast from the other macho guys around him. He's like the Temple's Daniel Farraday, giving nerds across the world a good name. He's also kind of mousy and has an enormous nose.

30. Dogen

Dogen is a dedicated family member, bilingual, and carries around a baseball, but he totally sucks at guarding ancient temples. Plus, he has a neck-beard.

29. Seth Norris

Although cute in a bumbling idiot kind of way, the pilot's boyish good looks only lasted a few short minutes before his bloodied corpse was hanging from a tree.

28. Benjamin Linus

If sexy = seductive, and seductive = convincing people to like you (like, say, buddying up to a guy you shot in the back and left for dead in a pit of skulls or starting a book club with a woman you essentially kidnapped), then you might say Ben Linus is the Barry White of the island. Of course, you'd be wrong.

27. Horace Goodspeed

He managed to run the Dharma Initiative while keeping his fun-loving, if not-exactly-sexy hippie vibe. Horace is a good guy to have at a party, but he also might let you and the rest of your community be gassed and killed.

26. Pierre Chang

Pierre, the enigmatic narrator in the old Dharma training videos, reminds us of our curmudgeonly old high school chem teacher - uptight and unpleasant. Although he did prove to be surprisingly commanding for a turtleneck-wearing-scientist when the island was on the verge of destruction.

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Commentarium (95 Comments)

May 19 10 - 12:17am

God, i'll be so glad once this show is over, then i don't have to hear about it daily.

May 19 10 - 1:14am

Totally agree with Desmond. So f-ing sexy!

May 19 10 - 1:38am

why is there a pic of man-in-black as jack and claire's dad? SAWYER is the hottest!

May 19 10 - 1:50am

Good call on number 1. Desmond is my favorite character and Henry Ian Cusick is incredibly attractive. and yeah fix the pic of Jack's dad. That is clearly the man in black.

May 19 10 - 2:13am

Richard is the top of my list, hands down. Love him!

May 19 10 - 3:31am

i love Desmond beyond reason- great list! Thanks for the eye candy- yum.

May 19 10 - 7:04am
Jake A

The list shows how many ugly unappealing actors got jobs from "Lost."
Daniel Faraday at #5? Really? #25 would have been about right.

May 19 10 - 8:37am

Great list, really close to what I would argue. The only standout mistake is Faraday at #5, that's wildly off.

May 19 10 - 9:32am
Sticky The Rat

Great list! I am so happy neither Jack nor Sawyer took the top spot. Can't wait to see the ladies list!

May 19 10 - 9:36am

Good call with Desmond. He's really the only one it could be (sorry, Ben...).

May 19 10 - 9:59am

If Kate is number one on the ladies' list, I'm going to punch something in the taint.

May 19 10 - 10:24am

Miles could have made a better rank, faraday is about right and between Desmond and Swayer, I would have voted sawyer as 1!

May 19 10 - 10:24am

Miles could have made a better rank, faraday is about right and between Desmond and Swayer, I would have voted sawyer as 1!

May 19 10 - 12:48pm

Totally agree with #1. I was surprised that Sawyer was number 2, until I read number 1 and remembered. The accent, the way he calls all the guys he runs into "bruhtha", and that hair.

May 19 10 - 1:09pm

Hurley deserves a much higher rank. C'mon people.

May 19 10 - 1:10pm

Ben, too. Sexiest history teacher ever.

May 19 10 - 1:25pm

What's with the Faraday hate? That man is right where he belongs. I vote Anthony Cooper last for (emotionally) paralyzing his other son: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFohA6mKFjc

May 19 10 - 1:27pm

Miles belongs in the top 10, sorry.

May 19 10 - 1:32pm

Oh yeah! Desmond can push my button any day!

May 19 10 - 2:52pm

richard alpert at #8? in addition to the fact that he wears eyeliner, his character is creepy and kind of a pushover. no way he's in front of paulo!

May 19 10 - 2:52pm

What about Oldham/William Sanderson? If you include a throwaway like Paolo, and all the other Deadwood alums, it's only fair to stick Oldham in there some place. Towards the bottom, but still. And Miles and Faraday need to swap places on your list, my friends.

May 19 10 - 3:27pm

Frank Lapidus deserves to be ranked higher!

May 19 10 - 3:47pm

come on, Charlie should be in the top 3, Miles in the freaking top 10...Desmond, Boone and Charlie are the sexiest, Faraday is a good 5

May 19 10 - 3:49pm

and Ben is so sexy, evil, he looks like Thom Yorke and he's an inteligent mother f***er

May 19 10 - 4:01pm

i am SO glad that i'm not the only one that thinks that jeremy davies as daniel farraday is a sexy sexy piece of man meat. hottest man in a blue button-down of all time. love it.

May 19 10 - 4:03pm

"Sayid takes the tall, dark, and handsome type to a whole new level with his ability to be sensitive one episode and shoot a child the next."


May 19 10 - 4:16pm

I agree with "JT" - Hurley is waaay higher on the list!!!

May 19 10 - 4:57pm

Nope, nope, nope. Bernard and Hugo deserve a WAY higher rank. And Sawyer goes first. And Jack can go last, for all I care. Dang, I need to make my own ranking!! :) Super fun idea!

May 19 10 - 5:38pm
Yeah Right

Hurley's ranked under Roger Work Man the abusive alcoholic because he's a fattie? Really?

Aug 03 12 - 11:47pm

I know right! Hurley should have a way higher rank.

May 19 10 - 5:59pm

LIAM PACE!!!!!!!!

May 19 10 - 6:12pm

You forgot to rank Gary Troup, Alvar Hanso, and Gerald DeGroot. And The Hurley Bird. ;-)

May 19 10 - 6:15pm

And Kelvin Inman.

May 19 10 - 6:26pm

Thats okay they did a calling for The best LOST person of all time and It was Sawyer/ Josh Holloway! So spread The Love! We miss them already.

May 19 10 - 6:34pm

DESMOND GOT #1 ITS ALL THAT MATTERS! TOP 10 IS GREAT, this list exceeded my expectations!

May 19 10 - 6:37pm

Richard does NOT wear eyeliner. He's of Cuban descent and he has naturally dark eyelashes. And he is the hottest.

May 19 10 - 7:00pm

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that boone is behind jin, faraday, mr eko and richard! not ok! also i really enjoy the sawyer pic :)

May 19 10 - 8:33pm

Martin Keamy looks like Clayton Cubitt

May 19 10 - 9:29pm

Sayid/Sawyer/Desmond FTW! Totally agree!
But... Miles should be higher, he´s awesome! So should Locke, TOQ is very sexy! So glad you remember Eko, he was hot!

May 20 10 - 12:26am


May 20 10 - 12:27am

Sorry, Whoever made this must be on crack or really ugly. KEAMY 17!? MICHAEL IS BEFORE HIM. That's WHACK!

May 20 10 - 1:04pm

Yeah, as some have already mentioned, leaving Liam Pace off the list is a HUGE misstep. Charlie should go slightly higher. Basically, I'm glad Drive Shaft doesn't actually exist, or my girl-next-door image would go horribly awry.

Tom Friendly is a sexy piece of man...after all, he likes to *indulge* when he's on the mainland.

May 20 10 - 5:08pm

Desmond's the nº 1 no doubt about it! HIC's sooooo sexy!

May 20 10 - 6:12pm

This list is pretty much 100% wrong. The only thing that's correct is Desmond being #1. Everything else seems randomly jumbled together. How can Faraday get higher than Richard? No offense to Daniel, I think he's adorable, but he's definitely not in the same league as Nestor Campbell. Additionally, Hugo would be in my top 10, if not 5, for guys I'd actually get with. This list seems to have a bit of fat phobia going on.

May 20 10 - 6:13pm

Nestor Carbonell*, sorry. Just woke up.

May 20 10 - 11:44pm

Dude, Ben deserves to be #1. Or at least he would be on my list. :|

May 21 10 - 2:09am
minnie swirl

I like Desmond but Sawyer is THE hotness for days and days and days.

May 21 10 - 2:15am

Miles makes MY top five. You can push Faraday and Charlie a little lower down.

May 21 10 - 6:37am

Boone is the hottest mosdef :)

Mar 16 11 - 3:14pm

iagree!! :D

May 21 10 - 12:44pm

Ben is my #1

May 21 10 - 12:52pm

i love how you broads do nothing but complain about how men choose women solely on looks, and yet every single one of you is on here doing the exact same thing. just get me a beer and shut up.

May 21 10 - 1:16pm

You have it all wrong...

Sawyer, Boone, Richard, Desmond & Jack...The rest well...

Aug 03 12 - 11:59pm

If you did that least to greatest than THANK YOU! Because if so, then you are about the only other person than me so far who thinks Jack should be #1. I l♥ve Jack.

May 21 10 - 9:40pm

There is NO way that Sawyer is number two on this list. He is hands-down the sexiest ever!

May 21 10 - 9:40pm

Also, I disagree w/some of the other rankings...but the only one they're not worth arguing over. Sawyer though? Worth arguing.

May 21 10 - 9:54pm

4- Locke
3- Sayid
2- Sawyer
1- Mr Ecko

May 21 10 - 10:42pm

i can't even start to understand why you didn't put Mr Ecko in the top 5. Such a waste of a character.

May 21 10 - 10:47pm

What about Yemi and Mr. Paik? Or weirdo psychic? Gotta add them in for fun!

May 21 10 - 10:50pm

Hurley and Miles need to go up a bit. And Sawyer's definitely number one!! Did you forget that sexy jump outta the helicopter, sexy reading glasses Sawyer, Dharma jumpsuit La Fleur? The only un-sexy thing he ever did was smoosh that frog!

May 21 10 - 11:22pm

Jack, Desmond, Sawyer, Boone and Sayid

May 22 10 - 2:22am

Frank deserves to be in the top 5. He can rock a half unbuttoned shirt! ^_~

May 22 10 - 10:03am
Aces High

Man in Black/Smokey shoud be waaaaay higher in the list, he is super hot! And Miles should be much higher too!

May 22 10 - 11:06am

and why isn't boone in the top 5? there is no reasonable answer.

May 22 10 - 11:06am

... am i the only one who finds keamy really, really hot? higher on the list, for sure.

May 22 10 - 1:26pm

Charlie pace isn't sexy. He barely looks like a full grown man.

May 22 10 - 4:39pm
Christine W.

Boone should definitely be at least Top 6. Maybe 5 if you switch him with Faraday. Just look at those eyes! Ian Somerhalder is a dreamboat.

May 23 10 - 2:44am

Sawyer, Desmond, Sayid, Mr Eko, Jack, Yemi=yummy, Jin, Locke, Miles, Hurley, RICHARD *yes*, MIB and then the rest.

May 23 10 - 6:02am
Lisa Simpson

This is really ignorant and demeaning to these men. Shame on you.

May 23 10 - 6:07am
Lisa Simpson

PS Anyway, the handsomest male of all on Lost is Vincent.

May 23 10 - 1:02pm

this is an outrage. anyone who doesn't put Sawyer as #1 has serious issues. Boone is an easy #2 and Charlie certainly deserves better than #12!

Mar 16 11 - 3:13pm

i think boone first, sawyer second and i agree that ccharlie well deserves better than 12!

Aug 04 12 - 12:12am

i think Jack or Sayid first and boone third and maybe sawyer 4th. i must be the only girl who doesnt like sawyer.

May 23 10 - 4:26pm
Rusty Shackleford

I definitely would have put Hurley much higher and Faraday much lower. Don't hate on the fat guys, personality goes a long way.

May 24 10 - 1:10pm

Hurley's hot.

May 24 10 - 4:48pm

Clearly, I'm the only one who thinks Ben deserves higher on this list. He's interesting and so much cooler than half these people. I'd put him in the top 20, at least. He's way more deserving than... Caesar. Seriously.

May 24 10 - 8:21pm

Whyy is Sayid so high on the list? I'm not digging the curly hair. Also, Richard Alpert, Jacob, and Boone are all hotter than Daniel Faraday

May 26 10 - 3:05pm

how is sayid higher than jack?!! as long as jack, sawyer, and desmond are in the top three, doesn't matter much how they're ordered

May 27 10 - 8:25pm

How does mikhail beat out miles?
I almost stopped reading the list at that point.
at least you got the top two right.

May 28 10 - 1:34am

c'mon, hurley deserved a higher ranking than THAT. remember his budding romance with blondie mcblonderson? it was adorable... i would definitely bone hurley faster than most of those old dudes. also, miles shoulda been higher. I'M SAYIN'

Jun 02 10 - 10:50pm
Sarah Ma

Maybe I'm LOST....but none of them are THAT hot. I write about LOST on my blog.


Jun 26 10 - 2:48pm

I have to say Ben is WAY higher on my list. Probably #3 for me at least.

Sep 01 10 - 7:19pm

Why was frogurt left of the list?

Sep 28 10 - 10:18am

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Oct 17 10 - 10:56pm

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Feb 08 11 - 10:31am

Why is Ben not higher? Watch him beat up Sawyer with a baton and wrestle Locke to the floor and then tell me that's not sexy.

Also, Lapidus deserves to rank higher, as does Mikhail. And Hurley! Who cares about his weight and mental problems? His sense of humor and kindness beat out almost every guy on this list. Hell, my (straight) dad openly admits to wanting to marry Hurley. :D

I agree with the top ten though, Faraday was really hot (I tend to go for geeks.)

Mar 16 11 - 3:10pm

well i think,
1.Boone, 2.James, 3.charlie, 4.Sayid, 5.Jack, 6.Jin, 7.John!!
Boone is by far the hottest of them all!!!!!!!!!!! Ionly startin the 2nd season as i wasn't interested untl this month in it because i never knew Ian Somerhalder was in it an whn his charactor died i was literally in tears!! love ou boone/ian!! x

Jul 08 11 - 9:06pm

Are you crazy with putting Ben at #28? BEN IS THE SEXIEST! Richard is number 2. Jack should be #28. And Lapidus should be higher.

I feel like making my own list now.

Jul 23 11 - 3:49pm

Talk about interesting taste. imo you got it all wrong!
1 Richard Alpert
2 Boone
3 Jin
4 Sawyer
The rest are not even worth mentioning as far as looks

Aug 28 11 - 5:47pm

PAULO is the hottest!!!

Aug 29 11 - 10:46pm

Ah, i see. Well that's not too tcikry at all!"

Apr 22 12 - 11:22pm

Sayid above jack SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?! And Faraday as 5 are you high?!? But a+ on Desmond being number 1

Aug 04 12 - 12:22am

What about Eddie the hitchhiker that John Locke picked up on the side of the road heading to Eureka? I know he wasn't in the show for long, but i liked him.

Aug 19 12 - 4:32pm

Nice list! Though I'd have ranked Farraday and Jack lower than Boone and Michael. I'd also have put Eko at number one, but that's just because I think he's gorgeous and love his accent. :3

Sep 01 12 - 10:52pm
Ms Meercat

I think this is hilarious. All this list and the comments show is that taste ist individual and I suppose this was more a base of discussion. Some find Ben way sexier, I personally agree with the top 4 especially since I have big love for Des and Sayid, but I would rank Jin higher than Daniel, Miles and Hurley higher too. Which shows clearly how different tastes are....