Ranked: The Women of Lost from Least to Most Sexy

Every single character, ranked by sexiness.
By The Nerve Editors

Since day one, we’ve debated the motivations of the dozens of characters on Lost. And — especially when it comes to the almost frighteningly attractive women — we’ve also spent hours arguing over who’s the most attractive. So, before the show takes its final bow, we've decided to rank all the significant characters from unappealing to irresistible. (And check out yesterday's list for the men's rankings.)

25. Eloise Hawking

Unless you have some kind of fetish for condescending schoolmarm types, there's not much sexy about Auntie Exposition. (And she's not going to win any Mother of the Year awards, either.)

24. Mother

She's as sexy as she is the biological mother of Jacob and the Man-in-Black — which is to say, not at all. Sometimes benevolent, sometimes shockingly violent, this guardian of the island intimidates us (and some might say bores us) more than turns us on.

23. Rose Nadler

Her and Bernard's love is so real that we'd feel a little weird talking about Rose's sexuality. And while we know she likes long walks on the beach, that strikes us as just a bit too "eHarmony commercial."

22. Danielle Rousseau

Young Rousseau would make us wish we could remember more of our high-school French, but spending sixteen years in the elements (and going more than a little crazy) doesn't do anyone any favors. (And while her daughter, Alex, was definitely a looker, she was also only fifteen. Apply for the list again in three years, miss.)

21. Zoe

Zoe almost has a Tina Fey vibe going, and normally, we'd be all about that. The only problem? She never left much of an impression on us, and she perpetually looks like she's been through a windstorm.

20. Harper Stanhope

Unfortunately for Harper, the first thing we remember about her is that her husband had an affair with Juliet. And while we don't hold that against her, it's clear she didn't leave much of an impression.

19. Cassidy Philips

Hypothetically, a female version of Sawyer would be super hot. In reality, however, Cassidy Philips lacked her ex-husband's street smarts. A failed con artist is nobody's idea of a good time.

18. Beatrice Klugh

We like strong, dominant women, but the intensity of "Ms. Clue" was downright scary. Even her mind-blowing home entertainment center back in her "room" couldn't garner her a higher spot.

17. Cindy Chandler

Flight attendants rank just below French maids and just above candy stripers in the "sexy job" hall of fame, but Cindy adopted a more motherly role when she got to the island, and while we admired her for it, it didn't exactly scream sex appeal.

16. Achara

Yes, she appeared mostly naked. And yes, she's obviously a sexy woman. But poor Achara may have appeared in what is often considered the worst Lost episode ever, and we'd just the same forget about her.

15. Amy Goodspeed

Pro: she's one of the Island's first MILFs. Con: her son was the insanely creepy Ethan Rom, and she voted for the death of our beloved Sayid.

14. Ilana Verdansky

It never quite all came together for Ilana (although it did, quite literally, all come apart in the end). While she made a sexier lawyer in the Sideways universe than she did a bodyguard on the island, the latter is how we'll always think of her.

13. Charlotte Staples Lewis

You know those Survivor chicks who look hotter all grubby than they do in makeup at the reunion show? Charlotte is the opposite. Don't get us wrong — she worked the time-traveler's nosebleed as best she could, but when she showed up as Sawyer's glammed-out blind date in the Sideways world, we realized what Faraday had seen in her all along.

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Commentarium (98 Comments)

May 20 10 - 12:17am

juliet over kate, claire and shannon? riiiiight.

May 28 12 - 4:00am

Absolutely!! Rightfully so!

May 20 10 - 1:20am

juliet? NOOOO she was awful and washed out and stole sawyer from kate. claire or kate should be hottest.

Sep 10 12 - 7:32pm

But Kate was in love with Jack too. Did Kate love Jack or Sawyer? A little bit of competition didn't harm her... :P That aside, Juliet is the freaking best! :)

May 20 10 - 1:43am

Kate is an easy #1. Don't forget the younger Eloise Hawking! Spunky and bossy...very hot.

May 20 10 - 6:23am

Juliet number one! Hell yeah!!!

May 20 10 - 8:10am

Juliet is the best! <3 I love her!

May 20 10 - 8:16am

Oh yeah, Juliet as number one. What can she NOT do?

May 20 10 - 8:57am

I'm good with Juliet as #1, but Penny should have ranked higher. Kate's "what-about-me" hounding of Sawyer after Juliet's death should have dropped her quite a few places.

May 20 10 - 9:10am

Goodwin (Harper's husband) had an affair with Juliet, not Kate.
And Juliet #1! YAY! <3

May 20 10 - 9:52am

this sucks. there the F is alex?

Feb 17 11 - 1:07am

Seconded. She was old enough to be having sex on the show, she should be considered.

May 20 10 - 9:58am

Juliet over Kate (the easy #1)? Sarah Shepherd over Penny and Ana Lucia? Libby over Charlotte? This is the worst list ever.

May 20 10 - 10:15am

yeah. where is alex? #1

May 20 10 - 10:19am

Kate is too damned annoying to even make it on to that list in my opinion. Juliet was hot but not number one hot. My vote's for Sun.

May 20 10 - 10:22am

What? No Katy Sagal as Locke's wife?

May 20 10 - 10:29am

No way is Juliet hotter than Sun. Sun leaves her in the dust.

Despite being annoying much of the time, there's something undeniably sexy about Shannon

May 20 10 - 10:45am

@ben, The reason we didn't include Alex is because her character is only 15. Yes, she's 22 in real life, but on the show, she's a minor. In a few years, though, she'll be in the top 10.

May 20 10 - 11:59am
yeff (Jeff Soesbe)

Agreed. Juliet, all the way!

May 20 10 - 12:06pm

Penny cracks my top 5. Kate barely stays in the Top 5 for all her annoying antics. But this list got it right that Juliet is the clear No. 1.

May 20 10 - 12:37pm

hate the captions

May 20 10 - 2:42pm
Paul K

This is the single most inaccurate list I've ever seen in my life!

May 20 10 - 2:47pm

Alex should have been on the list. If she's old enough to date Jeff Goldblum, she's old enough to be on the list.

May 20 10 - 2:50pm

juliet would be hotter if elizabeth mitchell didn't look so fakey from all her plastic surgery. i'd vote shannon, sun, and naomi for top 3.

May 20 10 - 4:39pm

Claire! is the easy 1, Alex, Naomi, Penny, Shannon, Sun. come on, they all are hotter than Juliet and Kate

May 20 10 - 4:45pm

what!?! kate's not #1??? boo hiss

Oct 20 11 - 1:58pm

AYE! INO! KATE IS SEXXII MAHN! NO1 all the waaaaaay!

May 20 10 - 5:01pm

she got everything!

May 20 10 - 5:49pm

Juliet in first? Please. Half of Mitchell's face is plastic surgery. Just Google her high school portrait to see what I mean. Kate should be first with Sun, Claire, and Charlotte coming after.

May 20 10 - 6:00pm

I should mention I think Mitchell is a great actress, and, from what I hear about her, a wonderful person. I just think there are sexier women on this show.

May 20 10 - 7:00pm

Where in the world is Alex Rosseau? She's easily in the top five and she's not even on this list? Did we just forget about her completely?

May 20 10 - 7:17pm

older eloise last? that surprises me! I think she's gorgeous!

May 20 10 - 8:33pm

Hell no, Kate is easily sexier than Juliet. And Sarah Shephard isn't bad, but no way is she hotter than Ana-Lucia, Naomi, and Shannon!

May 20 10 - 9:55pm

Claire not being #1 is a joke.

May 20 10 - 10:53pm

Sun is the sexiest, for sure. Shannon also belongs higher. Kate's not even in the top 10. This is ridiculous!

May 20 10 - 11:09pm

Wow, Shannon is way way too low. My order would be:
1. Shannon
2. Kate
3. Claire
4. Naomi
5. Juliet

May 21 10 - 12:39am
Jake A

#1 Sun
#2 Kate
#3 Ana Lucia
#4 Naomi
#5 Claire

May 21 10 - 4:10am


May 21 10 - 9:47am

Kate is #2. So yes, she made the top 10.

May 21 10 - 12:57pm

Kate shouldn't be on the list.

May 21 10 - 1:39pm
Hobo Chris

Juliet at #1 - just as it should be!

May 21 10 - 2:27pm

doesnt anyone remember Regina? played by ZOE BELL!????? she jumped off the ship!

May 21 10 - 3:39pm

Where's Alex Rousseau??? She's very pretty.

May 21 10 - 4:08pm

Kate should be #1 and Charlotte a little higher.

May 21 10 - 7:20pm

Juliet FTW

May 21 10 - 7:34pm

Alex may have been introduced as 15, but in the counter-actual universe she is a senior in high school, so the argument could be made that she could be 18.

May 21 10 - 8:18pm

Oh Good lord, Elizabeth Mitchell can NOT act to save her life, and she is a washed out cliche blonde who needs to lose a few pounds. She was the worst thing on the show and Sawyer's dumpster diving hook up with her almost ruined that great male character.

May 21 10 - 11:08pm

Charlotte not even in the top 10? Really? Maybe I just have a thing for redheads...

May 21 10 - 11:42pm

Kate should be #1

May 21 10 - 11:43pm

YAAAY for Juliet as #1. I'd have Charlotte and Shannon higher and Sarah lower. Of course, I also hate the character of Sarah the way some people hate Kate...

May 22 10 - 12:08am

Kate has a boy body
id say claire(with the old dark hair), penny, naomi,ana , and libby for 1-5

May 22 10 - 12:40am

Alex = easy number 1. NEW LIST! NAO!

May 22 10 - 12:43am

agree about hating the captions. The majority seem quite mean spirited.

May 22 10 - 2:09am

Don't forget that Juliet also nailed Angelina Jolie back in the 90's ;)

May 22 10 - 4:14am

Sun Kwon at No.3? Sorry, this ranking is whack. Sun Kwon is THE hottest babe on that island. #2 = Kate. #3 = Ana Lucia. #4 = Shannon. #5 = Claire. #6 = Juliet.

May 22 10 - 8:24am

Good list, but you missed two: Walt's mom/Michael's ex, Susan, and Zoe Bell's chain-loving Regina from the freighter.

May 22 10 - 9:36am

Eloise is #25, are you people nuts! Does no one remember what she look like when she was younger? http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Eloise_Hawking

May 22 10 - 10:56am

kate isn't number 1, this is a freakin travesty.

May 22 10 - 12:33pm

Elizabeth Mitchell has had so much plastic surgery, her face looks like a Barbie Doll's torso. Her acting by sucking her cheeks in, pursing her lips before she speaks and cocking her eyebrows no matter what emotion the scene calls for annoys me.

May 22 10 - 1:29pm

Claire is not sexy. Her nasal whine is enough to make any man lose an erection.

May 22 10 - 3:42pm

this must have been written by an old person. this list is all wrong.

May 23 10 - 6:06am
Lisa Simpson

This is very ignorant and demeaning to these actors. Shame on you. You disgust me. Oh yes, I looked at the men first and said the same thing there. What a terrible web site you are.

May 23 10 - 10:00am

I was surprised that you got #1 correct. I'd love to breed that lady.

May 23 10 - 12:59pm

i have to say, this is bulls**t. juliet over kate?!?! NO WAY! kate is an easy #1 and juliet should be #10 at best

May 23 10 - 1:45pm
Amber Lamps

Kate does not have a body. She looks pre-pubescent. She's got a wonderful face and is quite fit though. She's a less-attractive, less-curvy version of Charlotte.

May 23 10 - 1:57pm

1. Sun 2. Charlotte 3. Juliet

Cassidy's rated way too low, btw. That's the Kim Dickens fan in me speaking, though. The picture does her no favors - you couldn't find a mug shot of her?

May 23 10 - 4:15pm
Rusty Shackleford

I can't really get down with Kate or Juliet. Kate has this Megan Fox fabricated hot girl look to her, like she's so pretty it's boring. And I can't look at Juliet without seeing 'of course I'm really Carrie Ann Moss!'. I would be all over Sun, Nadia, and Penny. In that order. Either way I would have to fight somebody who would definitely kill me.

May 24 10 - 4:46am

They must have made this before Kate in that little black dress!

May 24 10 - 3:05pm
this list sucks

creator of this list is a woman? thats the only way to explain any of the choices.
considering #21 Zoe is hotter than 1,4,8,10.. etc.

May 24 10 - 6:16pm

Chicks are for fags

May 24 10 - 7:37pm

For real, Sun at #3? And others clamoring for her to be higher? For anyone that doesn't have a thing for Asian chicks she is way, way, down the list, Kate, Juliet, could go either way.

May 25 10 - 5:36am

Yeah Juliet is No. 1
Agree with this list more than I do with the guys

May 26 10 - 7:46pm

Kate is #1. No contest.

May 27 10 - 1:56pm

I doubt that the people who compiled this list are actually attentive fans of the show? What about Bonnie and Greta? Not only were they exponentially hotter than Eloise (joke aside) but they lived in the sexiest situation possible - two good looking young women living isolated in an undersea station!

May 28 10 - 6:54pm

woohoo, Juliet will always be #1! sexiest woman alive

May 29 10 - 12:20pm

I agree with Lomasterr

May 30 10 - 7:16am
Joey Jo Jo Jr.

Terrible sorting. I disagree on almost every relative placement, as I think most guys would.

May 30 10 - 3:38pm

Hello! fafadde interesting fafadde site!

Jun 02 10 - 6:03pm
Sarah Ma

They are all sexy!!! But I don't know about Ilana Verdansky being so low. I wrote about that on my blog!!! Check it out :)


Jun 19 10 - 3:47am
Jay Ko

What about Alex Rousseau? Tania Raymonde is pretty foxy.

Jul 06 10 - 7:46pm

This list is perfect. While Kate is very sexy, Juliet, in my opinion, is in a league of her own.

Aug 24 10 - 9:34pm

Juliet #1 definitely

Aug 31 10 - 9:16pm

Ilana Verdansky (played by Zuleikha Robinson) is only 14th...she's definately hotter than that...and where's Alex?...Sh'es one of the hottest girls on or off of Lost...even though her blue contact lenses are never quite straight and makes her look weird...she's still hot though,

Jan 28 11 - 10:07pm

how is rose not in the top 5? I mean this list is absurd.

2)danielle rosseau

Feb 27 11 - 12:43pm

#1 Alex Rousseau
#2 Charlotte
#3 Kate
#4 Juliet
#5 Claire

There you have it. The only right order. imho.

Dec 08 11 - 6:44am

claire. #1.

Feb 06 12 - 4:23pm
Ashley Cool

I think Naiomi should be 3 at least

Feb 16 12 - 4:39pm

Juliet is #1!!!!!!:) Elizabeth Mitchell is the most beautiful person inside and out in the whole world and is an amazing actress!!! :) So happy with this list!!!

May 28 12 - 4:45pm
Bill 123

What, Are you kidding...Danielle Rousseaun is HOT! That rugged, strong look beats the others hands down, of any age. And that crazed look in her eyes..yeh, I all about that.

My second choice is another strong, smart, hot women, Julliet. And she looked te hottest in one episode where she was all dirty with mud...Harper is pretty darn hot too. But Kate and Claire,forget about it!

Jun 14 12 - 4:50pm
post crunk

Nadia. My god Nadia. The things I would do to you. Her name alone is sexy.

Anyway that's my personal preference. Also think Alex should have been included and in the top 5. Also you had the wrong Eloise. 40 year old Eloise played by Alice Evans is hands down one of the hottest characters, even if she was a minor one. Seriously, http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Alice_Evans

Oh and what about Greta and Bonnie?

Jul 02 12 - 11:02pm

juliets half smirk eyebrow raise gets me so hot and bothered :D

Jul 18 12 - 5:11am

JULIET LOOKS LIKE A FREAK! her nose job is so bad she has constantly FLARING NOTSRILS!!!! She is last! Behind the old lady.
1. Claire
2. Kate
3. Ana Lucia
4. Sun
5. Shannon

Jul 18 12 - 5:13am

Juliet= nostrils flare!!!!!!!!!! bad nose job!!!!! annoying! Claire is #1

Aug 19 12 - 4:42pm

I agree so much! Juliet looks like she had bad cosmetic surgery. The ladies you mentioned are much more beautiful, and would be top of my list too. Juliet would be somewhere after Rousseau and Rose.

Jul 18 12 - 5:16am

ANA LUCIA is the most gorgeous. and Claire is the most beautiful.

Jul 18 12 - 5:17am

ANA LUCIA is the most gorgeous. and Claire is the most beautiful.

Aug 07 12 - 5:41pm

Juliet was the best female character on Lost and definitely the hottest!!!!! All you haters need to just get over yourselves because Elizabeth Mitchell is such a sweet person who is talented and beautiful!!! JULIET=#1

Aug 19 12 - 4:40pm

See, the male list - almost perfect - but this one I really don't get. Juliet has zero appeal for me, and same with Jack's ex-wife. Personally, Ana Lucia would be number one for me, with Sun, Claire and Kate shortly after her.