Ranked: The Women of Lost from Least to Most Sexy

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Every single character, ranked by sexiness.

Since day one, we’ve debated the motivations of the dozens of characters on Lost. And — especially when it comes to the almost frighteningly attractive women — we’ve also spent hours arguing over who’s the most attractive. So, before the show takes its final bow, we've decided to rank all the significant characters from unappealing to irresistible. (And check out yesterday's list for the men's rankings.)

25. Eloise Hawking

Unless you have some kind of fetish for condescending schoolmarm types, there's not much sexy about Auntie Exposition. (And she's not going to win any Mother of the Year awards, either.)

24. Mother

She's as sexy as she is the biological mother of Jacob and the Man-in-Black — which is to say, not at all. Sometimes benevolent, sometimes shockingly violent, this guardian of the island intimidates us (and some might say bores us) more than turns us on.

23. Rose Nadler

Her and Bernard's love is so real that we'd feel a little weird talking about Rose's sexuality. And while we know she likes long walks on the beach, that strikes us as just a bit too "eHarmony commercial."

22. Danielle Rousseau

Young Rousseau would make us wish we could remember more of our high-school French, but spending sixteen years in the elements (and going more than a little crazy) doesn't do anyone any favors. (And while her daughter, Alex, was definitely a looker, she was also only fifteen. Apply for the list again in three years, miss.)

21. Zoe

Zoe almost has a Tina Fey vibe going, and normally, we'd be all about that. The only problem? She never left much of an impression on us, and she perpetually looks like she's been through a windstorm.

20. Harper Stanhope

Unfortunately for Harper, the first thing we remember about her is that her husband had an affair with Juliet. And while we don't hold that against her, it's clear she didn't leave much of an impression.

19. Cassidy Philips

Hypothetically, a female version of Sawyer would be super hot. In reality, however, Cassidy Philips lacked her ex-husband's street smarts. A failed con artist is nobody's idea of a good time.

18. Beatrice Klugh

We like strong, dominant women, but the intensity of "Ms. Clue" was downright scary. Even her mind-blowing home entertainment center back in her "room" couldn't garner her a higher spot.

17. Cindy Chandler

Flight attendants rank just below French maids and just above candy stripers in the "sexy job" hall of fame, but Cindy adopted a more motherly role when she got to the island, and while we admired her for it, it didn't exactly scream sex appeal.

16. Achara

Yes, she appeared mostly naked. And yes, she's obviously a sexy woman. But poor Achara may have appeared in what is often considered the worst Lost episode ever, and we'd just the same forget about her.

15. Amy Goodspeed

Pro: she's one of the Island's first MILFs. Con: her son was the insanely creepy Ethan Rom, and she voted for the death of our beloved Sayid.

14. Ilana Verdansky

It never quite all came together for Ilana (although it did, quite literally, all come apart in the end). While she made a sexier lawyer in the Sideways universe than she did a bodyguard on the island, the latter is how we'll always think of her.

13. Charlotte Staples Lewis

You know those Survivor chicks who look hotter all grubby than they do in makeup at the reunion show? Charlotte is the opposite. Don't get us wrong — she worked the time-traveler's nosebleed as best she could, but when she showed up as Sawyer's glammed-out blind date in the Sideways world, we realized what Faraday had seen in her all along.

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12. Nikki Fernandez

Season three had an unfortunate abundance of extremely attractive characters on extremely awful episodes (see Achara above). Both Nicki and her love/partner-in-crime Paulo were super hot, but their dud of an episode forever tainted their image.

11. Noor "Nadia" Abed Jazeem

How perfect would a woman have to be that you'd literally shoot yourself in the leg for her? Well, that's what Sayid did for Nadia. We can't quite understand that level of devotion towards her, but she is certainly pretty.

10. Libby Smith

Perhaps one of the more underrated Lost babes, especially for those of us who like the crazy ones. We may have found her romance with Hurley especially charming, but sweet doesn't always translate into sexy.

9. Penelope Widmore

She's more refined and beautiful than outright sexy, hence her ranking, but don't think we don't appreciate the woman hot enough to bag our #1 Lost man, Desmond. She could be our constant whenever she wants.

8. Ana Lucia Cortez

There's definitely something hot about a beautiful woman who could easily kick our ass. In a series that featured a score of tough girls, Ana Lucia still feels like the one to beat.

7. Shannon Rutherford

Shannon's endless whining might not be much fun on a long car trip, let alone a long island stranding. But we're not gonna lie: there's something irresistably sexy about the bratty blonde. If she was good enough for her step-brother, she's good enough for us.

6. Naomi Dorrit

From a whining voice to an enchanting one: Naomi had the hottest accent in Lost history, bar none. Shame about that knife in the back.

5. Sarah Shephard

It's a tale as old as time: hot woman gets into car accident, becomes paralyzed, then is miraculously healed by her husband-to-be. Things eventually didn't work out between them, but that just means this beautiful blond is on the market once again.

4. Claire Littleton

Sure, we always knew Claire was a hottie (especially once she lost that pesky baby-bump), but who knew she could pull off the feral jungle warrior look she's been sporting this season? The Beyond Thunderdome hair-helmet may not be for everyone, but she makes it work.

3. Sun Kwon

At first, we only saw the shy, reserved side of Sun, but after awhile, she began to let her sexuality show, much to her husband's chagrin. Eventually, though, even Jin would come around and embrace the undeniable hotness of his wife.

2. Kate Austen

The woman appropriately dubbed Freckles might not be a fan favorite, but she had two of Lost's finest fighting over her — and one even got to have hot cage-sex with her. It's all in her bad-girl past and sexy-outfits present. And, yes, the freckles.

1. Juliet Burke

How sexy is Juliet? Look at it this way: at one time or another she had Jack, Sawyer, and Ben all eating out of her hand. The cocked eyebrow, the "I know something you don't know" smirk, the shoot first, ask questions later bedside manner, Juliet was hotter than an atomic warhead.

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