Tina Turner

Tina Turner's butt

If there was ever a woman who looked as good as Turner for as long as Turner, I have yet to see her. Bryan Adams, who once toured with Tina, said, "I never saw Tina walk through a performance. She always put on a great show, and was gracious and grateful to her audience." It's done wonders for her ass. Her legs and general below-the-belt region have been the stuff of legends for decades now. How does she do it? It's been fifty years and the woman still hasn't sat down. Most septuagenarians are enjoying a slower pace earned with old age; Tina Turner still wears thongs.

David Bowie

David Bowie's butt

On the precipice of a glam-rock revolution, Americans and Brits stared at David Bowie with complete amazement. Was this a boy or a girl? Is this a boy's butt or a girl's butt? Please tell me who this butt belongs to. I need to know if I'm allowed to like this butt was the sentiment of early Bowie days. He challenged our notions of sex and identity for decades with some well-placed tape, a strategic haircut, and lots of body-hugging spandex. What has your ass done for gender equality lately?

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu's butt

Before this year, I rarely connected "Erykah Badu" with "butts." Earlier in her career, I would find myself thinking, "Pretty, bluesy, I don't get it" or "This is supposed to mean something — interesting." Just about the only thing I think when I see her now is "I have seen your butt. I have seen your butt." Perhaps you've seen her butt, too; Badu's video for "Window Seat" follows her with a single camera as she strips down to nothing in Dallas's famous Dealey Plaza, where President Kennedy was shot. As you can imagine, some thought it was in poor taste for a pop singer to disrobe at the site of a presidential assassination. The rest of us still can't believe we got to see all of her.


Peaches' ass

Peaches took a page or two from David Bowie's book — in fact, she's the nearest living thing we have to a female clone of the '70s glam rocker. David Bowie had Space Oddity and Ziggy Stardust, Peaches has ass, pubic hair, and lasers. She's ridden a pyrotechnic penis and composed entire songs on a laser theremin, but we really just prefer it when she's shaking her gender-ambiguous butt in our faces, daring us to say something.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop's butt

No one has consistently done leather pants right like Iggy Pop. For four decades he's pissed off, turned on, and completely bewildered audiences with every inch of his body. And while his torso is still a wonder of modern medicine (and possibly fine Spanish leather), it's his butt we care about. Sure, he'll dangle his penis during live performances, and yes, we are appropriately outraged. But there's something about the way he moons fans: how far down he bends, the rigor that goes into it — as if he really wants you to understand what mooning means. I don't understand, but I’m still glad he does it.

Commentarium (40 Comments)

Sep 22 10 - 12:34am

That's a very callipygian list. I guess if J. Lo was a rock artist, she would be numero uno. How about Wendy O. Williams?

Sep 22 10 - 12:35am

I was at a Springsteen concert and they still train the camera on his butt every once in awhile. I can say, his ass is still very nice.

Sep 22 10 - 12:38am

Someone once said, "The backdoor is always open..."

Sep 22 10 - 12:41am

I think Springsteen's ass is overrated. Is it about having a nice ass, or wearing tight jeans/shorts? Let's see if we can get 40 comments on this subject, there are a lot of asses out there.

Sep 22 10 - 12:48am

Sir Mix-A-Lot would probably say Ann Wilson and Carnie Wilson a few years back.

Sep 22 10 - 3:41am

Dave Gahan?Really?
Agree with bear about JLo.

Sep 22 10 - 8:46am

How can George Michael be missing from this list? When he shakes his ass, you notice fast, some mistakes were built to laaaast!

Sep 22 10 - 9:47am

RE: Bruce - playing your heart out for three + hour shows a night will keep anyone fit.

Sep 22 10 - 10:57am

Jake, Rod Stewart was in the Ray Davies Quartet, before they became the Kinks.

Sep 22 10 - 11:16am

Yep, J-Lo is missing. Prince is missing is also.

Sep 22 10 - 12:23pm

@bearman - I was going to look up callipygian, but decided it's use is too pretentious and therefore I don't care to look it up.

Sep 22 10 - 1:29pm

But you took care to acknowledge it's use, and took the time to state that you weren't going to look it up, time that you could have spent looking it up and expanding your vocabulary. Ditto on Gahan? Really?

Sep 22 10 - 3:40pm
Sara Anne

Sorry, no Bon Jovi?

Sep 22 10 - 5:41pm

No, no Bon Jovi. A lot of women think he's cute, but he's not known for his ass.

Sep 22 10 - 5:44pm

The truth is, a lot of butts are interchangeable. No one's really stands out, it's going to be a necessarily subjective list. If Kim Kardashian released a cheesy rock album, then we could start having some real consensus.

Sep 22 10 - 7:19pm

It is worth getting out the dictionary. I've always considered "callipygian "and its opposite number "steatopygian" indispensable words. And I wonder who ever thought to come up with words like that.

Sep 22 10 - 7:22pm

JLo? If pop artists were on this list, there'd be a lot more competition : Beyonce, Gaga, and especially Kylie Minogue.

Sep 22 10 - 7:51pm

I think Shakira is a good choice because her name almost spells out "shake ira", as in shake your individual retirement account, as in shake your moneymaker.

Sep 22 10 - 7:55pm

Also, I think Peaches is more of a filler pick, and Erykah Badu isn't a rocker, so J. Lo should be on this list.

Sep 22 10 - 9:04pm

and J.Lo is a rocker?? Iggy has no ass whatsoever.

Sep 22 10 - 11:21pm

Dude, Rod Stewart wasn't in The Kinks. And anyway, you are thinking about thinking about The Yardbirds before they became Led Zeppelin. And no, he wasn't in that band either. He was in The Faces though, a very good hard rock band, and their drummer went on to play for The Who after Keith Moon passed away.

Apr 08 12 - 10:18pm

Thank you Jeremy

Sep 22 10 - 11:21pm

No, J. Lo isn't a rocker, i'm saying if Erykah Badu, who also isn't a rocker, made the list, then J. Lo should make the list obviously. But neither of them should technically make the list. And Shakira too, but i'm not complaining, i'd rather see her ass than Axl Rose's.

Sep 22 10 - 11:25pm

I thought WTF already cleared that up, Stewart was in the Ray Davies Quartet he wrote, before they became the Kinks. I'm taking his word for it though.

Sep 23 10 - 12:14am

Of course Dave Gahan. if you've been to a Depeche Mode concert you know how he loves to shake his extremely sexy fifty-year old ass.

Sep 23 10 - 9:03am

Surprised David Lee Roth and his assless chaps are not on the list....

Sep 23 10 - 9:24am
JO mAnny

Oh yeah, Shakira is smokin HOT!


Sep 23 10 - 9:53am


Sep 23 10 - 10:14am

David Lee Roth is the big miss here. Peaches is definite filler.

Sep 23 10 - 11:25am

I was gonna mention Roth, but I thought better of it because they always seemed to focus on his chest. If there is a piece on iconic chests of rock, he will have to be on it. Why am I talking like this? What do I even care? Oh yeah, trying to get to 40 comments, we're three quarters of the way there, let's do this!

Sep 23 10 - 2:07pm


Sep 23 10 - 4:54pm
gentle reader

"the geisha"?? I think you mean "the guiche". Pronounced the same way but meaning something totally different. If you're gonna talk the talk, get your words right. sheesh!

Sep 23 10 - 7:06pm

I would never treat my perineum in that manner.

Sep 24 10 - 1:00am

If you want to see an epic rock ass, check out Ronnie Clay's.

Sep 24 10 - 1:39am
jimbo alogo

are you fucking retarded, he is peeing on the flag. while i think he was being truely patriotic by doing such, your column makes no sense.

Sep 24 10 - 10:52am

Even if he was urinating on Old Glory, it's irrelevant as to whether he has an iconic backside or not.

Sep 28 10 - 1:20pm

Where the hell is Price on this list?

Oct 05 10 - 1:52pm

Ummm hello....Mike Reno on the Loverboy cover - wait is it Mike Reno??

Oct 27 10 - 4:53pm

No CHER? The woman was the first ever to bare her ass in a video! C'mon!!!

Apr 08 12 - 10:16pm

Rod Stewart was a member of the Kinks???? - do some research you idiot!