2012's 10 Sexiest Women in Comedy

We love a lady who can make us laugh. Or cringe.

by Jeremy Popkin

Everybody loves to laugh. Everybody loves sexy people. Sexy people who can make us laugh are... well, they're the best. And to that end, we're taking a look at the women who tickle our funny bones and... there's a joke here about erections, but we think you get the drift. 

10. Megan Amram

A twenty-four-year-old Harvard grad who helped rocket herself to a writing gig on Parks and Recreation by being a Twitter wunderkind, Megan Amram avoided the usual "grueling years of standup" route that a lot of these other women have taken. She's also cultivated an online body of work that reads like the ravings of a hilariously unmedicated mental patient: if gems like “I never give homeless people drugs because I know they're just going to trade them for food” and “If you have an erection lasting four or more hours, immediately seek a HIGH FIVE” don’t do it for you, then laugh uncomfortably through your arousal with her fake ad for a phone-sex hotline.

9. Margaret Cho

The poster for Margaret Cho’s upcoming “Mother” tour shows her scantily-clad, heavily-tattooed, and straddling a motorcycle, which pretty much sums things up. We'll say it: she could probably throw us around, and we're really into that. Cho has spent her nearly two-decade career pushing boundaries, whether it’s with her impressive burlesque dancing skills, deeply personal one-woman shows, or frighteningly accurate Kim Jong-Il impression. She deserves props for her LGBT advocacy efforts alone, but it's ability to effortlessly combine her agenda with her stand-up makes her a sexy, fierce performer. 

8. Mary Lynn Rajskub

It’s no small feat to make it out of playing a character called Gail the Snail (on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) with your dignity and sex appeal still intact, but it helps that Mary Lynn Rajskub had six years of experience as television’s hottest nerds. Rajskub is probably best known as Jack Bauer’s semi-sidekick Chloe on 24, but besides a television and film career that spans back to the brilliant sketch series Mr. Show, Rajskub has long been a supremely talented comic, and one not at all deserving of having salt thrown at her. We would rather pitch woo. 

7. Jen Kirkman

Opinions vary on the subject of Chelsea Handler, but there's no ironic hate-watching when it comes to Chelsea Lately writer and regular roundtable contributor Jen Kirkman. "Southie" (as she's been dubbed by Paul F. Tompkins) tackles subjects from the difficulty of constructing a proper mental narrative to her increasingly limited use for straight men. Blonde vs. brunette is a battle that will rage until the end of time, but we prefer Kirkman's girl-next-door cuteness to Handler's Nordic sass.


6. Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford may very well be the only sexy "crazy dog lady" in existence. If she weren't one-fourth of the alt-comic dream team the Comedians of Comedy and a talented stand-up performer who carefully toes the line between "sad-crazy" and "funny-crazy," Bamford and her pugs Bert and Blueberry would be the kind of trio you avoided on public transportation. Her schizophrenic act riffs on such cheery topics as depression and anxiety, and her neurotic hotness is truly something to behold.

NEXT: "Her Michael Jackson is terrifyingly spot-on, which... is very sexually confusing for all of us..."


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