23 Beautiful TV-Inspired Valentines to Profess Your Love for Your Favorite Shows

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Ugh, Valentine's Day. If you're single, the whole idea of it makes you feel as sick as binging on two boxes of half-off candy you bought on February 15. If you're in a relationship, you just can't deal with the jewelry purchases, romantic restaurant reservations, obligatory roll in the hay, and other expectations and attendant disappointments.

But there is one thing that we can never get sick of, that significant other that will never disappoint us: TV. Yes, we love its warm glow almost as much as we love orgasms and indulging in it isn't nearly as messy. So how can we celebrate our love for TV and exorcise some of the demons surrounding the Hallmarkiest of holidays? With Valentines inspired by our favorite shows, of course. Because your boyfriend may dump you, but Walter White will never leave you as long as you have Wifi and a Netflix subscription.

Orange is the New Black

Doctor Who

Parks and Recreation

Downton Abbey

Bob's Burgers


Breaking Bad


American Horror Story: Coven

Game of Thrones



Ja'ime: Private School Girl

RuPaul's Drag Race


Golden Girls

Sleepy Hollow

Twin Peaks