Eight Gifts to Buy Famous People

Recommendations from musicians, actors, authors, and everyone’s favorite YouTube celebrity.


Questlove, musician

The best gift is a handpicked iPod from my record collection. One of my computers has about 600 gigs worth of music. It’s well stocked. One particular high-profile couple who’s been waiting for their long overdue honeymoon gift — I think they think I’m bullshitting them. I told them I’d make them the ultimate slow-jam iPod mix, and they’re almost in their second year. They’re childless. And they’re like, “yo, where’s our quiet-storm iPod.” Every time I get near the letter X — I literally have to go through these songs and pick them out one by one — first time, my computer crashed, I had to start all over again. Second time, I accidentally erased and deleted the playlist. That was a heartbreaker. I wanted to throw the computer out the window. So now I’m doing it for the third time, and I'm on the letter L. "Long Way To Go," by Phil Collins.

Commentarium (6 Comments)

Dec 07 10 - 11:03am

Kind of a stretch to call some of these cats celebrities.

Dec 07 10 - 11:49am

They're not A-listers. But it's a pretty cool group -- and some of the answers are pretty awesome. Do you really want gift advice from Jennifer Aniston?

Dec 07 10 - 6:56pm

Tim Harrington's answer is terrible.

Dec 07 10 - 10:41pm

Time, yes, in addition to something FUCKING MATERIAL. I'd rather get a cool handmade card someone put thought into than a coupon that says "I'll spend a day with you."

Dec 08 10 - 12:46am

If you have to say who they are (as in what they do that makes them known), they are NOT famous (not for the intent of the title). I personally know many "famous" people who nobody would recognize by their name alone (local celebrities, and such) or for what they've done. Most people here are "people in the entertainment industry" which would make a more accurate title. But, nice intention.

Jul 23 11 - 10:44am

Wowza, problem sovled like it never happened.