Ten Sexual Proclivities You Might Not Have Known Existed

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A list of sexual preferences, as described by Urban Dictionary 

Last week, we published a story involving "chucklefuckers" (a man or woman who seeks out sex or romance with comedians), and it made us wonder what other highly specific sexual designations the internet holds. So we scoured Urban Dictionary and Encyclopedia Dramatica, two sources of extremely factual information, to discover what other predilections are out there.  

1. Herbivore Men

Term given to men (currently in Japan) that are uninterested in sex, but all into fashion and personal grooming. Likely to be described as metrosexual as well.

Those guys there don't look so tough; they have the air of herbivorous men diffusing from their well-kept skin pores.

2. Chucklefucker

A woman or man who has sex with comedians – generally, one who waits outside or backstage after comedy shows to perform sexual favors on the comedians.

After the Saturday second show, Maria took this chucklefucker backstage and we all know what that means.

3. Poutine Queen

Used primarily in Canada, poutine queen refers to a gay male who is primarily attracted to French Canadian men.

Call me a poutine queen if you will, but that André Boisclair is quite a dish!

4. Electrosexual

Someone who chooses video games over sex

Ryan is a total electrosexual; he's always choosing "Ninja Gaiden" over Katie.

5. Technosexxual

Someone who likes techno music and is attracted to people who like techno music.

Boy: Are you going to Electric Daisy Carnival?

Girl: Nah, I went last year. it's nothing but furry boots and technosexuals. 

6. Flavabanger

One who finger fornicates a female after eating a bag of flaming hot Cheetos.

I'm glad I'm a flavabanger because that red dust makes the best lube.

7. Voraphile

One who is stimulated by fantasies of being devoured (usually swallowed) by another creature, human or otherwise, or devouring another alive.

The voraphile roleplays fantasies of devouring her boyfriend alive.

8. Splosher

Someone who has a fetish of smearing food on themselves.

She poured pudding all over herself. She was a real splosher.

9. Agalmatophiliac

A person who is attracted to statues

I knew I was an agalmatphiliac when the Statue of Liberty got me really wet.

10. Pizzasexual

People that aren't interested in dating people and would rather go for some pizza.

Girl: Who do you like ?

Boy: I'm pizzasexual.