Bankers Go ‘The Full Monty’ In Leaked Video

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London financiers pitch a (joke) sexy musical called 'Birthday Suits' for charity in this funny skit.

Perhaps inspired by the successes of The Full Monty in all its mutations, these London investment bankers came up with their own twist on the boring-men-become-strippers genre with Birthday Suits, a musical with a double meaning: "it's about people who wear suits, and also because 'birthday suit' is another word for, you know…", according to Robin Saunders, a private equity firm founder who appears in the video. 

It was created as part of a fundraiser for the Young Vic theater in London, and according to the Wall Street Journal's Moneybeat blog, was supposed to stay private but was leaked onto Youtube, where the WSJ found it. I suspect this may be an authorized leak, as it humanizes executives from J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup in a way that maybe they don't deserve. This video proves you can destroy the world and have a sense of humor at the same time!

Watch the video below for hot banker action.

Image via Young Vic Productions.