“Boobie Painter” Creates Art Using Only Her Breasts; Sells To Celebrity Clients Including Russell Brand & Hugh Hefner

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A gift for the person who has everything (except paintings created by someone's tits )

Self-proclaimed "Boobie Painter", 39 year-old Southern Californian artist Marcey Hawk uses her 30D breasts to create titillating (yep, we said it) masterpieces. Inspired by watching a nude performance artist rub their body on canvas, in 2006 Marcey decided to create her own erotic body-related art.

Citing her influences as Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh, Marcey tells the The Daily Mail she has three primary moves including: "the whole breast print, nipple print, 'just the tip' method, the 'squish and swirl' and her newest method, which she calls the 'titty twerk.'" Some of her pieces have sold for up to $500 and her client list includes boobie-lovers Russell Brand and Hugh Hefner. She also donates a portion of her sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in their fight against breast cancer.

As expected, the Boobie Painter's Facebook page (with 354 likes and counting) is complete with candids of bottles of Arbor Mist Mango-Strawberry Moscato, frequent references to London, and pig-tail selfies abound. 

If you'd like to purchase her work you can visit her at: www.saatchionline.com/boobiepainter



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