Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2010

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Johnny Knoxville dresses up as a mummy with a hard-on, plus more celebrity costume ideas.

Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville

One year I dressed up as a mummy that died with a hard-on. So it was all bandaged up like the rest of me. This year I'm trying to convince my daughter to wear a big blond wig and some type of rhinestone outfit, and carry around a microphone and one of those electronic whoopee cushions, and go as "Dolly Farton."

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

I had a cool werebunny costume last year. It's a werewolf bunny. Don't catch me outdoors alone on a full moon. I might start eating carrots and rub up against you.

Danny McBride Danny McBride

The best costume I had was made on the fly—I just wore a white t-shirt and jeans and wrote in permanent marker on the shirt "DRUNK ASSHOLE," and I just walked around the party drunk and yelled at everybody. Good costume. It didn't do me wrong. [Nerve: Was it hard to stay in character?] Yeah. Very hard.

Gary Shteyngart Gary Shteyngart

I look very much like Trotsky, so one year I came as Trotsky. I just dressed the way I always do and had an ice pick. It worked so well. I was too lazy to embed it in my body, so I just carried it and kept stabbing myself with it. It was cathartic, in a way. This was years ago, when I was more Menshevik in my sensibility.

Rob Sheffield

Rob Sheffield

My favorite is Natalie Wood. I basically go as Natalie Wood every single Halloween, and every year I feel like a get a little closer to that Zen Natalie Wood state, but at this point, I'm still just a grasshopper on the path. I've done this for quite a few years in a row and I always think, "This Halloween I'm going to do something different," and then I end up going as Natalie Wood again. There are just so many variations. There's Natalie Wood when she's older and trying to be more sophisticated, like in Penelope, the one where she's a bank robber. Then there's the wide-eyed ingénue Natalie Wood of Love with a Proper Stranger, and then there's the psycho 'about ten seconds away from her next nuclear meltdown' Natalie Wood from like Splendor in the Grass. If you're a boy with brown hair, and you have these dresses to wear, you can do an almost infinite number of Natalie Woods.

Kyle MacLachlan Kyle MacLachlan

My son went as a zebra last year. He's not usually a fan of full-on costumes. But in this particular case I was still going cute. I think that as a kid, if you put them in any headgear with ears, it's a win-win: they like it, and the parents like it because they look cute. He's a good sport. We'll see what happens this year. He's beginning to have his likes and dislikes now that he's a little over two years old.

Questlove Questlove

I do know what we're going to be this year, but I can't tell you. There's either an amazing trick that we're going to pull on the audience for the Halloween show, or we're gonna make a brilliant pop-culture reference. It will literally be a trick or treat. But both these ideas involve other celebrity parties, so it depends on who's available to execute this in the right way. We tried to do it last year and it was a fumble. So this year, we had to prepare almost a year ahead of time to make sure that all systems are go.

Tim Harrington Tim Harrington

We were all monkeys last year — my wife, three-year old, and eight-month old. I wanted to go as zombies and have the zombie baby in a Baby Bjorn, but my wife said that was too morbid.