Don Draper Works in a World of Mutants in Hilarious ‘Mad X-Men’ Trailer

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Crossing over time, space, and fandoms.

As Season 7 of AMC's 1960s drama Mad Men trudges along with emotionally-draining plot lines of alcoholism and pay raises, the geniuses behind Quiznos' YouTube channel "Toasty.TV" decided to give the series a face lift. Combining Don Draper, the ridiculously handsome advertising executive whose sad pout propels his way through life, with an agency filled with mutants from X-Men. Joan, Mad Men's resident curvaceous sex kitten, is mixed with the comic's blue skinned shapeshifter, Mystique. Watch as Don and his new team prepare a pitch for their client (Quiznos, obviously) with plenty of inside jokes from both franchises. 

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