Drink This Cocktail: The Pulitzer

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The Library Hotel’s rooftop bar makes a literary-award inspired cocktail that lives up to its prestigious name.

So what is this drink?
It's the Pulitzer. Jonathan Pogash, our mixologist, invented it. It’s one of the more popular drinks around here. It’s well-balanced, not too sweet. It’s a good drink.

Can you tell anything about peoples’ personalities based on their drink choices?
Sometimes. If you order a Long Island Iced Tea, I ask for your identification to make sure you’re twenty-one. If you order Southern Comfort or Malibu I can pretty much assume you’re young and you don’t like the taste of booze.

What about if you get a whiskey?
That’s a good universal drink, you never know. Women are definitely drinking more whiskey now, which is great. Whiskey people tend to be low-key, low-maintenance as well.

Do people usually order something different when they’re on dates as opposed to just out with friends? Trying to project 
Yeah, especially if it’s a first date. People usually go for a glass of wine, or don’t drink as much as they would normally.

What do you think of women who drink beer?
I think it’s great. Nothing wrong with it at all.

Yeah, do you see women doing it on dates very often though?
Not on dates, no, not in this particular establishment.

Yeah, I always feel uncomfortable getting a beer on a date. It’s just a cultural thing. It sucks because sometimes you really want one.
As long as you’re drinking, you’re alright with me. It’s the ones that order water that are hiding something.

This place has a nice, intimate vibe. Do you see a lot of dates here?
We do, we see a lot of dates in the later hours.

And what are some of the best and the worst dates that you’ve seen?
I’ve seen everything from people getting angry and leaving to the bathroom being locked mysteriously for forty-five minutes.

Can you tell whether or not the date is going well based on people’s drink choices?
Yeah, I think that if you get a third round, then it’s going well. Or, sometimes, when the girl goes to the restroom, the guy will run up to the bar to get a double-shot of whiskey. Though I don’t know if that means he’s a drunk or that he needs a drink to get through the rest of the night.

What’s the most impressive thing to order on a date, and what's the most embarrassing?
The most embarrassing would be anything with Malibu or that kind stuff. And impressive, I don’t know, I don’t really think that way. As long as you’re polite and you know what you’re drinking and the guys don’t order for the girls, it’s fine.

Do men ever do the whole sending a girl a drink over at the bar thing?
It’s rare but it happens.

And does that usually work out?
No, not usually. The girls will always take the drink. They’ll usually send it to a gaggle of them, which isn’t a good thing. If you’re sending it to one it might work, but if you’re sending it to four or six…

And they’ll just drink it? They won’t even come over?
They’ll acknowledge it. There are times when they’ve refused as well. Just said no, thank you.

We love to talk cocktails at Nerve. What’s your favorite traditional cocktail?
A Manhattan — I’m a bourbon drinker. But only if it’s done with good, quality ingredients. There’s a reason it’s a classic.

Are the stereotypes true? Do people try to hit on you all the time?
Not often enough.

Okay, finally, what’s the best way to hit on a bartender?
Being a married man now, I don’t know if I’m allowed to answer that. But back in the day: patience. If you try to occupy all of my time while I’m making money or doing my job, then that’s no good.

The Pulitzer

1 and ½ oz of Plymoth gin
½ oz of St. Germain Elderflower liquer 
½ oz of Fernet Branca 
a splash of fresh lemon juice
a slight splash of agave nectar