Enrique Iglesias’ New Music Video Features Pitbull and Lots of Ass

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This video should be called "I'm a Freak." Oh, wait.

Spanish American singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias has been blowing up your radio with his 2013 club anthem, "Turn the Night Up." On Friday, he released "I'm a Freak," his second single from his 10th studio album. The song comes complete with sexy music video featuring rapper Pitbull and tons of tan women in their underwear, because music.

The song and video are both what we've come to expect from Enrique, whose golden baby face hasn't aged since we saw him steam up the TRL countdown with 2007's "Somebody's Me." In this single, there's a large presence of auto-tuned robotic voices taken straight from T-Pain's How To Make a Hit Handbook. Then, there's the poetic, lyrically genius chorus of only three words (you guessed it, "I'm a freak.") And before we get to the dozens of underwear-clad ladies doing hands-free Jello shots, we have a prime product placement – Adore Me lingerie, who's apparently responsible for supplying the lady-heavy house party with all the bras and thongs necessary to make a hit music video. 

But the money shot comes when the dozen ladies bounce around pillow-fight-style around Enrique, who's too distracted to notice thanks to the white thonged ass in his face, an ass which he has to grope from top to bottom before planting a kiss right in the crack. I mean, maybe it was acting. Maybe he just couldn't help himself. Regardless, it made the final cut, and now this young lady gets to one day show her grandbabies that Nana was cool and almost, kind of basically, made out with Enrique Iglesias. They'll be so proud.