Gays Everywhere Will Get to Argue About HBO’s ‘Looking’ for a Second Season

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Gays Everywhere Will Get to Argue About HBO's 'Looking' for a Second Season

And some characters got promoted to series regular. 

By Brian Moylan

My favorite thing about Looking, HBO's show about the lives and loves of three gay dudes living in San Francisco, isn't so much watching Looking but fighting about Looking. You can't swing a handbag in a bar in Hell's Kitchen or West Hollywood without hitting a gaggle of gays that is arguing about the relative merits of the show.  Now we'll have another whole year to continue our squabbles. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO has picked the show up for Season 2 and has promoted three of the actors to series regulars which means we'll see a whole lot more of fag hag (fruit fly?) Doris (Lauren Weedman) and star Jonathan Groff's impossibly dreamy lover Richie (Raul Castillo) and impossibly dreamy boss (Russell Tovey). Looks like that love triangle is going to be brewing for at least a few more episodes. 

The show had its highest audience with the most recent episode, getting 519,000 people to watch. Each episode averages about 2 million people after you factor in DVRs playbacks, "encore presentations," and people watching it on an HBO Go password they stole from their roommate's aunt's neighbor. But HBO doesn't really care about viewers, it cares about buzz and considering the number of conversations I've had about whether the show is boring boring or intentionally boring, how annoying Patrick's roommate is, and, most importantly, the importance of Dom's mustache, this thing has more buzz than the Castro has drag queens. 

Image via HBO