Gaze Upon James Franco’s Portraits of Nude Seth Rogen and Think About Life

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Sometimes I think we may just exist in James Franco's peyote hallucination. 

Between trying to pick up an underage girl, a "bed selfie" with a male costar, and now a collection of nude portraits of Seth Rogen, it's become evident that James Franco's Instagram is an insane place where normal rules do not apply. It's almost as if he has come untethered from society and is living as some kind of hypersexualized trickster deity. He sees a glitch in the Matrix. He has been to the dark side of the moon and has returned to explain the Great Truth to us, and the Truth looks a lot like Seth Rogen's balls. Was "Bound 3" a documentary? Suddenly that video looks a lot deeper than I took it to be. Apparently there are more paintings like this, and he'll be displaying them in art galleries with walls that exist in time and space. This is Franco's world, bros. We're just smirking in it.

[h/t LAist]

Images via James Franco's Instagram.