Half-Naked French Firefighters in Trouble over Steamy ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody

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This is crazy. 

Just when you thought we were over all of those "Call Me Maybe" parodies, a group of beefy French firefighters decided to spoof Carly Rae Jepsen's annoyingly catchy dance hit. The joke video was posted to YouTube in honor of one of the firehunk's birthday and quickly went viral throughout France before spreading to the rest of Europe and now the U.S. The unit's intention was all for a good laugh at the expense of themselves, but the steamy video has caused some heat between the semi-nude firemen and their management. 

The video features about a dozen half-naked firefighters lipsyncing while working out, dancing on station equipment, and showering. The macho dudes also added some comedic relief with wigs, costumes, and even an underwater scene in the station's swimming pool. (PS — What fire station has a swimming pool?)

While the video has racked up over 170K views on YouTube, not everyone is impressed. "We don't necessarily want to put out a funny image of ourselves. It's not in our best interest," an unnamed representative of the Lille Fire Department told French TV. Oh come on, it's not like you can see any hoses — well, at least any of the ones we really want to see.