Here Are 23 Things That Look Exactly Like Penises

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They look like penises and there are 23 of them.

There's a subreddit called mildlypenis that collects images of everyday items that look like penises. Some of them kinda look like penises. Some of them definitely look like penises. Here are the funniest ones.

1. This Tomato


2. This Scissors Packaging


3. These Peppers that Also Resemble the Snapchat Ghost


4. This Dog Stuck in a Couch


5. This Very Fuzzy Dog


6. These Sponge Mushrooms


7. This Pork Shoulder


8. This Pork Loin


9. The Way This Man Is Balding


10. This Aglet


11. This Kitten's Face


12. This Print on the Wall in the Background of 'White Collar'


13. This Tank Silencer


14. This Cheeto


15. Also This Cheeto


16. These Geoduck Clams


17. This Owl's Stethoscope


18. This Weather Formation over Chardon, Ohio


19. This…Sheep? 


20. This Potato

21. This Chef 


22. This Faucet Next to a Gatorade Bottle of Soap


23. This Soap Dispenser

Images via Reddit, except #22 by lexierobinson.