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The Golden Globe Awards have always been an insufferable night of industry back patting and without good hosts and a drunken acceptance speech, it’s not always worth watching. But that doesn’t stop anyone from live blogging, live tweeting, live streaming — “live” everything. So Nerve decided to let artist and illustrator Josh Burwell live-draw his favorite moments from last night’s broadcast.

The biggest gasp of the night came when Tina and Amy went after Bill Cosby. After some stirring of the audience, the hosts doubled down and landed the punchline which was really who could do the worst impression of Cosby.

amy and tina

The next big moment came when Prince surprised everyone. It was suddenly a room full of star struck stars.


Michael Keaton deservedly went home with the Best Actor trophy. He got a little choked up talking about his son. 


Last but not least, Jared Leto’s hair resembled a loaf of traditional braided Jewish bread.


Joshua Burwell is an Oakland, CA based illustrator.