Meet Your Dream Boys in the NYC Taxi Drivers 2014 Calendar

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Who’s always there for you when you’re lost, cold, or caught in downpour in flip-flops with a dumb Duane Reade shopping bag over your head? These guys.

With their strong callused hands, brusque devil-may-care attitude and the incense/take-out food/man-musk scent of their vehicles, these men (and women) are the heroic charioteers of the city.

You tell them things you wouldn’t tell anyone else, because they bluntly ask you. You find yourself spouting, “I guess I'm not sure what caused my parent’s divorce, Akeem. They loved each other, but they just couldn’t live together anymore. It actually reminds me of what you were saying about your daughter Tabitha…”

Now you finally have a way to look at them between trips! 

Photographers Shannon McLaughlin and Philip Kirkman brought together some good-natured cabbies for the 2014 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar with 100 percent of net sales proceeds going to University Settlement, America’s oldest settlement house, serving over 30,000 immigrant and working individuals and families every year.

So pick up a copy for $14.95 and help some families. I guarantee you will never need to look at internet porn again. 



Images via Phil Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin