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There Is a God, ‘Community’ Will Not Be Getting New Life at Hulu

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Everyone arguing for #sixseasonsandamovie and praying for a new home for Community, you can rest easy, because Hulu has saved you from yourselves. Despite initial reports that the streaming site was circling the ratings-beleaguered comedy after NBC failed to renew it, TVLine reported today that Hulu has abandoned talks to resurrect the Sony-produced comedy.

We’ve already covered extensively why Community not coming back is a very good thing, but in case you need a reminder: Donald Glover has left, Chevy Chase has left, and no matter how clever the writing was to its cult followers, no one likes the guy who lingers at the party for far too long. On the bright side, this will leave Community creator and notorious rape-apologist Dan Harmon plenty of time to continue complaining about his life on Reddit and comparing people who worked on Community that aren’t him to Jeffrey Dahmer. A win-win!