Jennifer Lawrence (Basically) Naked in New X-Men Cover

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Trust, basically is close enough. 

Media darling/possible on-purpose nincompoop Jennifer Lawrence has debuted her curvy blue body on one of 25, yup that's two-five, covers of Empire Magazine. A part of two panoramic mega-photos (one set in the X-Men film universe we know and love and the other in the upcoming Days of Future Past), the images highlight not only the lovely Ms. Lawrence, but 22 of her co-stars. 

Highlighting the massive cast and giving nerds everywhere a raging Bryan Singer-er, the covers act as a perfect teaser without giving too much away. Released one-an-hour from the 27th to the 28th, the images gave readers looks at both featured universes and the much-anticipated Sentinels.

As told by Forbes, "[The cover launch] highlighted the film's key selling point, its ridiculously large cast, in way that left the film itself unspoiled. More importantly, it kept fans talking about the film all day long."

Quite possibly the most aesthetically titillating photo of the bunch, Lawrence's costume is less revealing than it seems. While in the past, Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn Stamos, the original Mystique, were forced to go through hours of blue make-up and prosthetic application, the newest installment will feature a neck to feet body suit. "It will be from the neck down so it will cut out time and the blisters," Lawrence told E! Online.

Body suit or no, Mystique still looks damn good. 

Images via Empire