Kate Upton Is In a New Rom-Com and I Want To See It A Lot

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Nicki Minaj is also involved. 'Nuf said. 


Not since the days of Charlie's Angels has Cameron Diaz starred with a more fabulous (and deadly) trio of ladies. Ms. Diaz, Leslie Mann, and the nonsensically beautiful muse Katherine "Kate" Upton are three merry revenge seekers in this April's The Other Woman

Not to be confused with Natalie Portman's emotional tour de force of 2009, this new peppy version features sassy women running on beaches, quippy one-liners, and welcome reminders that once you're a teensy bit older, it's still kind of okay to throw up in your purse, drink way too much, and make ball jokes. 

As three women realize they're all being cheated on by the same man (Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister), the blonde-ish trifecta goes on a Cosmo-fueled revenge kick that would make Madeleine Stowe wet herself. 

This April look for Diaz, Mann, and Upton as, and I quote, The Lawyer, The Wife, and The Boobs. Also, Nicki Minaj as The Assistant? The Sass? The Hair? Honestly, she could have a whole side-story I don't know about because, I mean, Kate Upton! 

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