Learning About the Summer Olympics Through Unintentionally Erotic Photographs

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Education can be fun!

The Summer Olympics comprise an occasionally-bewildering array of events. In honor of the spirit of healthy competition, and the apparent fuckfest that is the Olympic Village, we present this informative (read: copy+pasted from Wikipedia) guide to a selection of Summer Olympic events, illustrated with unintentionally erotic photography. 


"The épée is a heavier thrusting weapon that targets the entire body."


"Basketball has evolved many commonly used techniques of shooting, passing, dribbling, and rebounding, as well as specialized player positions and offensive and defensive structures (player positioning) and techniques."


"… diving is judged both on the quality of execution and the synchronicity — in timing of take-off and entry, height and forward travel."


"The two competition lifts in order are the snatch and the clean and jerk… A lifter who fails to complete at least one successful snatch and one successful clean and jerk also fails to 'total' and therefore receives an 'incomplete' entry for the competition."


"To perform a clinch, the boxer loops both hands around the outside of the opponent's shoulders, scooping back under the forearms to grasp the opponent's arms tightly against his own body. In this position, the opponent's arms are pinned and cannot be used to attack."


"The person who performs a waza (技, 'technique') is known as tori (取り, literally 'taker') and the person to whom it is performed is known as uke (受け, literally 'receiver')."


"Top rhythmic gymnasts must have many qualities: balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength are some of the most important."


"As [beach volleyball] developed nearly in parallel with modern surfing, beach volleyball culture shares some similarities with surf culture. The beach bum archetype is one such example."


"In Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as in freestyle wrestling, points are awarded mostly on the basis of explosive action and risk."