Delicious Beers Inspired by Your Favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy Series

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We're going to party like we're at convention.

In honor of the Season 4 finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, a Philadelphia-based brewery created a brain-flavored beer for fans, reports the NY Daily News. Sure the brains may sound a little out there, but what fan will pass up on cosplay and zombie-themed libations? Besides, they can always blame curiosity or the booze for wanting to slurp up brains.

If brains aren't your thing, there are plenty more sci-fi or fantasy themed beers to discover. They may be inspired from other worlds, but drinking beer is just universal. Check them out below.

The Walking Dead's Dock Street Walker


If for a split second you ever wondered what being drunk on human flesh would feel like — don’t deny it The Walking Dead fans — this Dock Street Walker American pale stout is the answer. As you catch the AMC show’s season finale, you and your friends can imbibe this blood red pale stout —don’t worry, the color comes from cranberries — and enjoy the smoky flavor, which was made roasting real goat brains. Though, developing a taste for roasted goat brains seems like a gateway to other zombie-like behavior. Hopefully your friends watched enough of The Walking Dead to hone their survival skills.

Game of Thrones' The Iron Throne


Winter’s coming, so to prepare ourselves we can toast to the Seven Kingdoms with the three official Game of Thrones beers: The Iron Throne, Take the Black Stout, and Fire and Blood. The Iron Throne is a pale blonde ale for the incestuously gorgeous Lannisters in power, the Black Stout is malty and dark for Jon Snow taking on the Night’s Watch, and Fire and Blood is full of hops to celebrate Daerneys’s dragons. Plus, drinking enough bottles of these can result in your own nudity just like the series.

Star Trek's Klignon Warnog


If you always hankered to tell a bartender to “beer me up Scotty,” despite his name not being Scott or there being no Star Trek themed alcohol, now’s your chance. Klingon Warnog isn’t the actual bloodwine the Klignons drank during Star Trek: The Next Generation — because believe it or not, there isn’t an outcry for bloodwine on the alcohol market — but it is a rye malt that’s opening up Star Trek to a whole new frontier, mainly a drunk, blurry one.

Star Wars' Imperial Stout


Drink beer, you will because in celebration of the space opera Star Wars the New England Brewing created this Imperial Stout beer to take us all to a galaxy far, far away, if you drink enough at least. Whether you're a Jedi or still a young Padawan, there's no shame wielding a Russian stout in one hand and a lightsaber in the other.

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