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In order to fund his travels abroad, Mike Harvey worked as a taxi driver in Wales. The job inspired him to create the photographic series “The Taxi” in which he illuminates a slice of Welsh culture through backseat snapshots of his most interesting passengers.

Austin-based Grav Labs have created a festive activity everybody can enjoy: a menorah bong.

This month marks the 25th anniversary of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Here’s an oral history of how Clark Griswold mastered the Murphy’s Law of comedy.

Recall theĀ “Carry that Weight” mattress street performance at Columbia University? The New York Times sat down with theĀ alleged rapist in one of their most odd editorial moves.

This is what sex ed would look like if you were on acid.

Why will the population spike 9 months after the release of D’Angelo’s Black Messiah? The Science of Us explains the sexiness:

But for songs to really deliver a visceral punch, there also have to be elements that cause people not just to bob their heads along, but to occasionally sit up straight and take notice.

Mike Errico examines the haunting, unwritten history of hotel rooms.