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I haven’t been LILFing for a few days and I have to say — I sort of missed imbibing the whole of the internet and mama-birding the good stuff back to you. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here are 14 of LensCulture’s most important black and white photography features of the year, including  Martin Borgren’s “Tractor Boys,” which is a look at the secret lives of Swedish teens.

David Lynch describes the art of a damn good cup of coffee.

Michael Kimmel is what you might call an original good man. He’s the founder of Stonybrook’s new center for the Study of Men and Masculinities and he wants to take the conversation about campus sexual assault into the lives of men.

What does Anonymous have against Iggy Azalea? A breakdown.

The walrus is Paul. Paul’s barefoot on Abbey Road. Paul blew his mind out in a car. Sure. But the entire Paul McCartney is dead hoax originated at a college newspaper and went 60s-style viral.

Some experts predict we will all be doing it with robots come 2015. EJ Dickson takes us through the gadgets and gizmos that got us that much closer to sex with tech this year.

There is one highly specific minute-by-minute recipe to writing a sitcom.

Netflix is putting up the entirety of Friends on January 1st. Be prepared and take the SAT. Could it be any harder?

The people over at Hyperallergic are all-stars. Over the past few months they have been collecting little snippets of conversation overheard at art galleries, openings, and at public events across the country. Gems like, “This world of ours will be so much better when we all just accept that we are catering to rich people … I just want us to be the country club I know in my heart we can be.”