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From Matthew Barney to Lichtenstein, the tattoo world has a long tradition of borrowing from the best of the art world. Vulture has handily compiled a series of the best art tattoos of all time.

In an enriching interview with performance artist Penny Arcade, HyperAllergic talks to her about the slow adaptation of the art world in New York City:

“This is not the most experimental period I’ve ever lived in, where there’s a lot of innovation going on. There’s a lot of technological use and a lot of emperor’s new clothes stuff going on in the art world. But the market has invaded so deeply that people are afraid to follow their own hearts.”

What happens at the National Sex Ed Conference? Larisa Macfarquhar goes deep in the tunnels of vulva puppets and rectum recitations.

Get both of your wallets out. Here’s how to spot a feminist dater when you see one.

There are over 200 million chefs who left their homeland to bring their recipes and meals to another country. In this edition of the new series Refugee Chefs, Roudi Chikho shares his story of how he narrowly escaped death in Syria and now works at a restaurant in the UK.

Are you a J. Alfred Prufrock fan? Here’s a clever argument that TS Eliot invented the hipster. We think it works.