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If you are about to enter Serial withdrawals, Slate has counted down the 25 best podcast episodes of all time — which will satiate you through all holiday travels and for which Marc Maron is extremely worthy of the top slot.

Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test? I could, which was sort of a relief.

Though it’s been declared dead since it arrived, 2014 saw an onslaught of punk revivalist films — break out those safety pinned jean jackets.

Grindr creator Joel Simkhai talks the immense impact of Grindr on gay culture, six years after first creating the hookup app:

“I see it as more of a bar than a sex club…Outside the gay community, people would probably say it’s just a hookup app. And absolutely, sex is going on. But it’s more than that, because there’s always the possibility you will hit the jackpot and find someone who will move you. It has this potential for making a huge impact in your life.”

Want a glimpse at the real, harsh underbelly of Hollywood hardballing? Here is a complete guide to everything leaked in the Sony hacks. Nobody comes out looking good. Not Channing Tatum, George Clooney, and oof, Adam Sandler.

Photographer Bud Glick takes us on a tour of 80s era Chinatown in New York City, a preserved glimpse at a now rapidly changed neighborhood.

Read Jason Smith’s amazingly affecting kiss-off letter to drugs:

That time I decided to move to Italy: all us. The time I decided to move to Prague, with $120 dollars in my wallet and Sassy, my half-lab, half-Aussie shepherd mix, in-tow: you were there. Taking that job with Disney in Shanghai: we did that. Running with the bulls in Spain: one of my favorite memories together. Sleeping on the beaches of Greece for five weeks, Oktoberfest, Millennium New Year in Edinburgh—all happened thanks to a bit of your pharmaceutical persuasion. Each one, an incredible, life-changing experience that more than likely never would have happened had I not had you to nudge me along.