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In honor of Nicki Minaj’s new whackin’ it song “Feeling Myself,” Slate has put together a short history of songs about masturbation. But they’re sorely missing Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun.”

N0stalgia is an industry that works best if you’re already missing something that hasn’t even passed yet. And that’s why it’s sort of remarkable when you take inventory of the ’90s revival that happened in music in 2014: Lorde fronting Nirvana, Twin Peaks invoking David Lynch, Speedy Ortiz entering the scene guitar first.

How many of your coworkers around you are currently hungover? Here are the stats, but a classic tell is they’re wearing sunglasses in doors and smells faintly of Cheez-Its.

Have you guys heard D’Angelo’s first album in 15 years?

Is there no greater contemporary mirror to mankind than our Google history? This year, the world Googled Robin Williams, ebola, the  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and (agh) Frozen more than anything else.

With recent comments from Rose McGowan and Azealia Banks, the New Republic looks into the possible misogyny problem of gay male culture.

If you, like me, were growing fatigued with the onslaught of Sunday morning SNL clips every week this year, you sort of tuned out of the sketch comedy cycle. Which is just fine – here is a round-up of the 20 best sketches of 2014. More, Amy Schumer, please.

The small town of Borja, Spain rejoice! It seems the internet meme Beast Jesus, which erupted into popularity in 2012 when amateur art restorer Cecilia Giménez decided to give a fresco in a 16th-century chapel a makeover, is a cash cow. The tiny town has received over 150,000 tourists since Giménez botched, um, restored “Ecce Homo.”