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There are other artists behind masterful works of art. Ones you just haven’t met yet — the welders, sculptors, painters, and finishers. Photographer Henryk Hetflaisz discovered that one of the best places in the world for discovering unknown artisans was Pietrasanta, Italy. These photographs embark on a completely ego-free zone.

Comedian Michelle Markowitz delivers a complete taxonomy of every man you will meet on Tinder. All in under three minutes.

Every year, the New York City subway city turns back the hands of time and opens up the nostalgia train, putting train cars from the ’20s up until the ’70s back on the tracks. If you missed that, photographer Danny Lyon has a remedy for you. Over 48 years ago, he spent his time photographing subway riders. They’re magnificently contemporary-looking.

I’ve long wanted to tap into my partners’ heads when in bed. Most of us have. The Daily Dot attempts to do just that by offering up a number of things women are thinking about sex, but just would never ever say aloud. Men and women, the information is now out there.

The Colbert Report‘s first head writer remembers the early days:

“The days at The Colbert Report were long, and sometimes every minute was stressful. It was a tough, tough job. I remember when I first accepted the position, Stephen said, “I’m gonna work you like a borrowed mule,” but at the time we were eating hot wings and drinking milkshakes, so I didn’t quite take it in. The show is more written than a lot of other shows. When it started, we had a ton of energy and adrenaline, and we built a show that required all of it. As time went on, we had to figure out a way to make it more manageable and sustainable.”