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If worrying about stuff is a sign of intelligence, I’m doing preeeetty okay.

There’s a new economy for the oldest profession in the book. Svetlana, a sex worker, takes us through her early “massages,” her books and hard-earned lessons.

In 6th grade, a boy in my class speculated about how “girls bleed out of their butts once a month.” Even I knew that didn’t quite sound right. Hammerkatz, a sketch comedy group from NYU, created a video along the same lines. This is a tampon commercial if it was written by men:

Writer Liam Mathews transcends the tedium of the “best album of the year list” by writing erotic fan fiction about his top five favorite albums of the year. It’s gritty, dirty, and you have to read it.

Gay teachers speak out about what it means to be an educator who must hide their identity to stay employed:

“In the years before I had tenure, there was no way I was going to let someone’s else’s homophobia jeopardize my career,” Bunger said. “My advice to any LGTBQ teacher would be the same: Stand and be counted, but only if it’s legally safe to do so.”

If 2014 was not the year of the rant, it sure felt like it. Slate may have just perfected the year end round-up with their guide to everything we were outraged about every single day of 2014. From Terry Richardson photos to the cancellation of The Interview, this is outrage in the world of social media.

And now, with Serial concluding, here’s a pleasant read about the truly agile, witty genius of Sarah Koenig.