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Ever come across a newborn that, well, doesn’t entirely resemble her father? A new study done on fruit flies indicates that previous sexual partners’ sperm may still live inside a female and may possibly be passed down to future children. While it remains unknown whether telegony may occur in humans, I know you’re sitting here hoping they get your college boyfriend’s eyes.

Seriously, this is how contagious ebola is. While the disease may be scary, how does it stack up to others?

The Verge explores the lingering prominence of phone sex and the ladies who operate the lines:

“I think it’ll survive. There’s something that’s different between phone sex and like, let’s say cam girl situations. Yes the girl’s on camera, yes you can see her, but it’s so much harder to fake it when you can see the girl. You can’t fake your face, you know what I mean?”

For the un-analyzed, therapy has always had a special secretive enticement to it. What really goes on in that little room? Do they all have that couch? Photographer Sebastian Zimmermann went inside 50 offices of therapists to give us a true patient’s view.

 The incredible Jessica Williams bring us on her morning commute, only to discover that being told “I want to take a dump on your breasts,” is common sidewalk fodder: