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Take a peek at New York’s six most talented tattoo artists. (But you better book an appointment soon.)

Amy Nelson of ANIMAL NY attended the 2014 East Coast Cannabis Business Expo, which prepared future ganja entrepreneurs for the imminent New York state medical marijuana laws coming in 2016. The take-away: Go easy on the medical THC-infused edibles.

Splitsider maps out which TV networks are offering the premium doses of comedy this season. Hint: Not CBS.

Slate counts down the top ten slo-mo moments in the history of film. Of course, we’re going to side with the elevator sequence from Drive.

While I, a person who experiences ASMR, have been fighting for years to distinguish ASMR from a sexual fetish, it turns out the internet subculture was bound to get dirty. ASMRist Nica Noelle, veteran porn performer, is launching a new brand of ASMR videos that involve erotic turns. She explains the fascinating premise to The Daily Dot:

“Erotic ASMR is a special kind of porn that promotes a feeling of relaxation and of being nurtured and cared for. It’s not the harsh, impersonal stimulation of traditional POV porn. There’s no dirty trash talk or harsh imagery; I’m telling you I love you and that you’re beautiful [and I’m] talking to you about sweet, gentle things.”

The Atlantic takes on what they’re calling the new adultery arms race — the myriad apps and digital tools designed to keep track of the illicit and nefarious exchanges some couples find themselves engaging in through the help of the internet. A cheat-inclined generation begets cheat-inclined tech. Why hire a private detective when you can stalk your fiancé with that handy Find My iPhone app?

And if your new digital tracker doesn’t catch your beau in bed with his secretary, Clickhole delivers 8 fool-proof ways to tell he’s cheating. #1: A hound barks thrice at dawn.