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In this incredibly revealing portrait series, photographer Alicia Vera followed the life of Eden, a 21-year-old sex worker from Lancaster, Virginia.

This is what happens when women become men at Wellesley, a historically all female college.

Vanilla sex is still a perfectly fine way to fuck.

Shawn Binder tackles the buzz over Ben Affleck’s full frontal scene in Gone Girl:

“The difference between male and female nudity is, thus, clear: When men get naked it makes them vulnerable, when women get naked, more often than not, it’s to please the fantasies of male audience members. This double standard in the way films are rated heightens the gender inequality depicted in the media. Men are only able to see themselves naked on screen if it’s in a way that’s deemed “pathetic.” Otherwise, male full frontal is left out of the mainstream.”

Artist Jessamyn Lovell processed her identity theft the only way an artist can: by documenting the life of the woman who took her name. What results is a creepily voyeuristic series that makes your skin crawl and makes you double-check your last bank statement.

Famed singer-songwriter Erykah Badu busked in Times Square recently and only made $4 in what she calls a “street hustle experiment.” It was odd: