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Photographer Seth Olenick spent six years entering the homes of comedians and photographing them.

Ben Jurney imagines the details of a sordid, intense love affair with none other than Netflix itself:

“Our first weeks together were full of late-night rendezvous. Each session was intense—we could go for three or four hours without stopping. Our favorite spots were in bed, on the couch, and sometimes in the kitchen. One night, my friend Carly even got in on the action. I had never tried anything like that before.” 

A doctor in New York has been officially diagnosed with ebola. Here is a map of everything he had done in the city prior to his diagnosis. And this is what it means if you’re secretly thrilled by that news.

Hilarious children play critics at Matisse exhibit. An 8 year old: “I think those are hearts. And that might be seaweed. And that red part to me almost looks like a tongue. And that kind of looks like a porcupine. With the spikes.”

Switchel, a colonial farm drink, is becoming a craze in Brooklyn.

But, sorry, your coconut water is not the magical elixir you think it is.

The Atlantic explores the psychology behind backburner relationships — you know, those people you keep on the hook that you Facebook message once in a while in case, maybe someday, you want to date them.

In this incredible episode of “Between Two Ferns,” Brad Pitt’s slightly snoozy interview is interrupted by Louis C.K.: