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If the spooky levels of your week are woefully low, enjoy a revisit to 20th century photographer William Mortensen’s witchy and haunting portrayals of the American grotesque. See them all over at Hyperallergic.

Scrimshaw artist Yuliya Tsukerman used a whole bunch of pumpkins to delightfully recreate this scene from Psycho with stop-motion animation.

Is there a thing as drunk logic? Researchers in France seem to think the inebriated use the most utilitarian logic.

Forget bondage and threesomes, Jazmine Hughes is tackling the secret fantasies of adulthood. Including cancelled plans:

“Hi, it’s [tenuous friend]! I know we were supposed to go to [horrible activity] at [terrible bar] in [Queens], but I’ve been reading between your tweets, and . . . I just think you deserve an evening eating Popeyes in your underwear. Do you want my HBO GO password?”

Yes, there’s an uber for gentleman companions called ManServant and women in San Francisco are lining up to be pampered.

Still don’t have a costume? (I don’t!) Here is some DIY tech for hacking Halloween.

How Sam Cooke invented the afro.

In Western art history, women have always been having an absolutely terrible time at parties. I blame the corsets.